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Daddy Daughter Workout: Glutes & Quads

Daddy Daughter


Daddy Daughter Glute & Quad Workout

Today we get the week started by engaging our “Sitting Muscles.” It’s 4 exercises done for 5 rounds.

HERE WE GO: START with Holding an Air Squat for a 10 count. THEN do 10 Step Back Lunges each leg. NEXT: 10 Straight Leg Lifts from down dog. FINALLY: 20 Mountain Climbers!!

That’s the circuit. Your goal is to repeat it 5 times (You can keep all reps at the 10 count OR you can subtract 2 reps from each exercise each round.)

ENJOY!! Let me know how it goes:).

May I also suggest inviting some family members or friends to join!? We can’t workout in the group right now…but that doesn’t mean you can’t share the workout:)

ALSO: Here is the link to the Leapfrog Daily Fitness Calandar:

You’ll find daily workouts for Running and Biking here.

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Live from The Track 2/19/2020


Wednesday workouts are normally Traditional Speed Work…today we planned for 400 meter repeats…but sometimes situations change and the need to modify swiftly appears! The track at The Community School of Naples is currently being re-surfaced (Really Great News!! Gonna be an AMAZING TRACK soon!) so we had to make a quick change to our planned workout. At Leapfrog we often talk about being able to Modify.


Next Up: Our Friday Hill Series continues with focus on maintaining pace at the bottom of the hill.

It’s also a weekend of LEAPFROG SOCIALS both Friday and Saturday! Family friendly ways to relax and be healthy. It’s always nice to know those you train with:)

JOIN LEAPFROG for Running, Biking, Swimming, Strength, Mental & Social.

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Leapfrog News 2/16 thru 2/20/2020


This Week @Leapfrog 

  1. Run Fundamental: STRATEGY for 1/4 MILE INTERVALS.  Track Workout Monday 6-7a.m.   
  2. Traditional Speed Work:  400 Meter Repeats!   Track Workout Wedneday 6-7a.m.  ***Workout MAY BE MODIFIED if The Track is being Re-Surfaced.
  3. Hill Series:  Week 3 The FLAT AT THE BOTTOM.  Friday 6-7a.m.  Connor Park
          ***Track Practices are held at The Community School of Naples.  Check your text messages for the Gate Code or contact me directly at 239-272-7811  
***Friday Workout Meets at Connor Park. Located Immokalee Rd. & 41, go west (on 111th ave.)

Connor Park is located on your right BEFORE going over the bridge.

DAILY WORKOUTS for Members are now available via Premium Subscription in GoogleCalendar. Not a Member Yet? 
JOIN:  Social or PREMIUM Membership HERE

Leapfrog 2020 is Happy to Announce a PREMIUM WORKOUT CALENDAR
The workouts will be geared toward General Base Fitness and take between 20 Minute to 1 Hour to Complete.  


***CURRENT MEMBERS:  This Calendar will be included in your Current Leapfrog Membership through June 2020.
Starting in July the Premium Calendar will require a “Premium Subscription” to Leapfrog.
Your upgraded subscription comes with not only the GoogleCalendar but with BIGGER DISCOUNTS on all Leapfrog Training and Special Events!! 

More to Offer…More to Gain…More to Membership

Heather Allen & Ann Messner
Heather and Ann EARNED this weeks HUGE SHOUT OUT for not only making all three Leapfrog Workouts but for their Strong Efforts in all 12 of Wednesdays 200 Meter Repeats!  These women embrace the Leapfrog process of Learn…Practice…Workout!  They are consistent in attendance, dedicated in their practice and committed to their workouts!!  It’s a pleasure to coach you both:)
Cheers Heather & Ann!!!
Tiger Lassus!! 
We are happy that you have JOINED LEAPFROG & we look forward to working out with you soon:)


Join Leapfrog for our Friday Workouts all February as we cover the details of Hill Running.  Our 4 week program covers: The Uphill…Across the Top…The Downhill…The Flat at the Bottom.  

This week we cover “The Flat at the Bottom of the Hill.”  Once you’ve exerted the effort to climb…now it’s time to descend!  We want you to gain strength & speed w/control not only as you descend, but continue across the flat at the bottom.   We will cover your Breathing and Heart Rate as well as your Posture and Stride.  Don’t miss out!  Drop In’s Welcome:)

RUN STRONG w/LEAPFROG at our Hill Series.  
All Levels Welcome:)  Sign Up Here


Looking for A BIG CHALLENGE???
It’s Getting Time to Start Thinking: 
Training Begins Next Week…

It’s time to SIGN UP and Start Getting Prepped:)

Stairmaster Awaits…

Top 10 Reasons to DO LEADVILLE:  
  1. We live in Florida!  It’s HOT in June…Go To Leadville…Be Cool!
  2. A Good Chance to Actually SEE SNOW!!
  3. Enjoy “High Mountain Pies” Pizza!
  4. Learn to Love the Stairmaster!
  5. Be in the BEST SHAPE of your life!!
  6. Overcome Fear of Failure by ACCEPTING THE CHALLENGE
  7. Running Flat Roads is Easy??
  8. The view at 13,000 feet IS AMAZING!
  9. Who doesn’t enjoy 7 miles of DOWNHILL???
  10. You get a cool COFFEE CUP!!  
Details & Sign Up 

Ahh yes!  Music to my (non-headphone) ears!

I do so love running…most of the time:)  It’s such a good time to re-connect with myself…my thoughts, my body…my age!

I have been preaching about ditching technology for quite a few years now…it’s something I practice myself and highly recommend.  It’s also a big theme of how I coach at Leapfrog.  

Leapfrog philosophy is shaped around both Run Form & Perceived Effort.  We aim to coach runners to be more aware of themselves.  To pay attention to things like Breathing, Posture & Foot Strike (Taking Inventory!)  I coach self awareness and methods to bring athletes more in tune to themselves.  I prefer coaching from the inside as opposed to having a device tell me how things are going.

I often laugh when I see runners “finish” their run only to continue running laps in the parking lot to hit their GPS number.  I also cringe when I see someone finish a run with a smile on their face only to check their Garmin and be disappointed in there pace…  Technology can often take the joy right out of running.  

Learning to “KNOW THYSELF” and trust your body/training is what I believe is key to not only running successful but to running long term and healthy.  Learning to listen to the “whispers” of the body…Learning to be disciplined…Learning when to modify.  These are things we value at Leapfrog.  Using technology does have a place in running, but I believe that place is more of a novelty than foundation for training/success. 

Listening to Your Body…Running Principles…Run Form…Run Consistency, Run Discipline and Fun Running…This is what we focus on at Leapfrog.

I look forward to sharing more Principled Focused Running with all of you over the coming months and throughout 2020!!  

Leapfrog February continues our 4 week Hill Series to help us Overcome Obstacles and Keep Control when life/running gets difficult.  We look forward to working with each and every one of you 3 times weekly to help make you both a strong & wise runner.  The culmination of our Hill Series is our yearly DESTINATION RACE sign up for The Leadville Marathon & Heavy 1/2.  It’s taking hill running to the mountains and giving everyone the opportunity to truly test your limits.  I hope you will consider joining us for the challenge that is our Hill Series and then continue with Leapfrog out west to Leadville, CO to take on the Mountains!!

Cheers Everyone!!  

Together we will be Strong, Wise, Healthy & Fit in 2020 & Beyond.
All it takes is some discipline & your commitment to showing up to practice…


 Making the choice to Be Committed in 2020 & Beyond!



PLAN AHEAD.  BE DISCIPLINED.  SHOW UP.  Leapfrog offers 3 practices each week…Your Results Will Be In Proportion to Your Practice.

I look forward to seeing everyone at a Leapfrog Event this week!  In addition to the paid training listed above we also offer a weekly free Bike Ride:  Tuesday 6:30a.m. Bike Skills Ride followed by coffee.   Details can be found on the website under the events tab:)


Our February Leapfrog Socials Bring Us 

Friday, February 21st 

6pm Naples Beach Club for Sunset Social
Saturday, February 22nd
9a.m. Horizon Beach for a Beach Social
***Optional Wetsuit Open Water Swims:)

Happy…Healthy & Fit

Have Friends who would enjoy Leapfrog?  
Running, Biking, Social Events!!

Invite them to JOIN:)
We always welcome New Members and it’s more fun being active w/friends:)

Have Great Things to Say about Leapfrog??  We always appreciate your feedback!

Testimonials and referrals are what attract New Runners and help build the group!!  Leapfrog wouldn’t exist without you!! 

Thank You for making Leapfrog Fun, Kind, Supportive, Friendly and Inspiring.

HAVE A QUESTION or A THOUGHT?  Please share it!  I’m happy to share my thoughts on any training, racing, or life issue:) 
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This Week @Leapfrog

Run Workouts…Bike Skills…Open Water Swimming…Strength and Social.



Run Form & Fundamentals Practice  Monday’s 6-7a.m.

Run Speed Work Workout  Wednesday 6-7a.m.

Bike Skills & Social Rides  Tuedays 6:30a.m. and 1 Saturday/Month

Open Water Swims  Fridays 6pm and 1 Saturday/Month

Race Specific Run Workouts  Fridays 6-7a.m.

Join Leapfrog T

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Private Coaching & Upcoming Events

Who trains w/Leapfrog? We have individuals and groups ranging from early teenagers to seniors in their 80’s! Coach Matt works with all ages and levels. So what are you waiting for? Beginner or Experienced…



Principled Coaching…PREPARE YOURSELF…Achieve More

At Leapfrog We Coach Techniques both Physical & Mental to help you Achieve More!

Triathlon Clinic This Week:  Swim/Run REPEATS

Tri Clinic Drop In Fee

Run Fundamentals Track Workout

Bike Skills & Coffee

Run Speed Work Track Workout

Run Workout: NEW SERIES. “Running on Fatigued Legs”

Monthly Training Fee

Open Water Swim/Social

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