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2019 Naples News 1/2 Marathon Racing Guide. Leapfrog Athletics.

Leapfrog Athletics
Naples News ½ Marathon Racing Guideline
Thank You for choosing Leapfrog Athletics to help you Race the 2019 Naples News ½ Marathon on January 20th!! The following is an outline of the strategy we used in training along with suggestions to enhance YOUR performance.

Our Philosophy:
At Leapfrog our training is based on 3 principles:

  1. Perceived Effort:
    Perceived effort is training the mind to trust the body. We learn to listen
    to our bodies and run as our training allows. We are less focused on
    “scientific” methods such as heart rate and pace, we are more focused on
    learning to monitor effort and make adjustments.
  2. Effort vs Pace:
    This is a key training distinction we make at Leapfrog Running. Effort is
    defined as what we are doing from the waist up: It’s how we breath, our
    posture, arm position, shoulder position and how our upper body syncs
    with what our legs are doing. Pace is nothing more than a measurement of how fast our legs move us
    across the track. Pace is Independent from Effort. In other words, a 15
    minute mile pace can sometimes be very easy effort and at other times
    it can be hard effort (think of running 3 miles versus 26…) Any pace can be
    run at any effort.
  3. Negative Splits:
    Negative Splits is the idea that we end our runs/races faster than we begin them. This builds on the importance of WARM-UP for all our runs.
    Negative Splitting a run allows us to warm-up and then build our pace. We continue to practice Active Recovery during our longer runs/races to enable us to continually work towards negative splits.

The 4 Efforts:

Easy Effort=Run however you feel…easy doesn’t mean slow!! Just relax and
run, accept whatever pace the body feels like running.

Med. Effort=Running with a focus of YOUR BREATHING. Practicing an “active
exhale” 2 count inhale and 2 count exhale. Chest rises on the
inhale and shoulders fall down the back on the exhale. You
won’t be able to breath this way for the entire run, but you
want to keep focused on your breath and practicing having it
under control.

Brisk Effort=Running with your upper body engaged. You have your active
breath and you are generating turnover with your arms. You are
practicing running fast/strong. Your breath rate will increase as
you engage more muscles, this is ok! You’re generating speed.

Hard Effort=Exhale Matching Footstrike. You are running fast and feeling
Coordinated!! You will be practicing “active recovery” as you
push yourself on these runs.

EFFORT vs. PACE: Effort is all FORM BASED

Principles Applied to Naples News ½ Marathon:

  1. We arrive early on race day, check in, and allow time for a WARM-UP. Even though
    we are running 13.1 miles, we still want to do a warm-up. It is what we have practiced so we will continue it on race day. Minimum ½ mile, up to 1 mile. Please warm up approx. 20 minutes prior to the start.
  2. Our strategy involves running the first 3 miles at EASY EFFORT. This means keeping the upper body totally relaxed. Just enjoy the RUN, it isn’t time to “race” yet. Keep in mind though…an easy effort doesn’t mean slow. It just means relaxed. Trust me, you’ll go faster than you think and as long as the perceived effort is easy you’ll be in great shape for the rest of your race.
  3. At mile 3 of the race course we take a deep breath and we mentally begin our race. It is here, at the 3 mile mark that we begin to pass people (RACING IS PASSING.) We shift to a medium effort taking larger/deeper breaths as we begin a small pace increase.
  4. We continue our medium effort onto Kingstown and out towards mile 5. As we come into the loop at mile 6 we TAKE INVENTORY—That is, we evaluate how we feel: How’s our breath, are our shoulders relaxed and down, how is our arm position, how is our foot strike. We should listen to what our bodies are telling us and make adjustments as needed. If something is off, we take action to correct it (our breath is shallow or fast, our shoulders are tight, our arms are crossing our body, our wrists are below our elbows, our foot strike sounds loud…) If everything looks/sounds good then we continue to actively pass back towards mile 7.
  5. We continue to run/race out to the U-turn on Kingstown and head into Lantern Lane. As we go towards Gallieon we are both physically and mentally preparing ourselves for the RACE on Gallieon. This is where the race really begins!! We will be working both a HARD EFFORT AND PACE for miles 8-10. This is mental. Remember, racing is passing!! Most runners will “hit the wall” on Gallieon…don’t allow someone else to control YOUR RACE…you’ve trained!! You can do this!!
  6. As we come back across Lantern Lane from Gallieon we are looking to Take Inventory and relax…we want to maximize efficiency at this point. WE ONLY HAVE A 5K TO GO!!
  7. Pace coming across Lantern Lane doesn’t matter…EFFORT MATTERS!! Don’t lose it mentally, SMILE You’ve made the most difficult part of the race, the rest is just playful running. Remember your fundamentals and form, control your breath, keep your thoughts positive and remember: Units you can handle…
  8. As you are coming back down Kingstown and preparing to make the right on Gordon Drive pick a number!! This is the number of runners that you will pass as you head towards the finish line. Be ambitious!! THIS WILL HELP. I had a runner 2 years ago pass 218 runners on these final miles!! Remember, we are shortening the distance in your mind to smaller units…the distance between you and each runner ahead of you. Keep count and continue to pass. Use the Indian Run strategies that we have practiced.
  9. Another tip to help you: Look at the street numbers counting the blocks back to 8th Ave. South. The first one you will see is 20th, at this point you know you only have 13 blocks to go!! Once again breaking the course down into units you can handle.
  10. As we make the turn up 8th Ave. South we need to remember that this is slightly uphill and that the race still has ½ a mile!! Nothing to panic about, just need to plan for it. When we make the turn we want to turn our thumbs up and use our upper body arm movement to help us overcome this obstacle. We also want to find that hard effort of exhale matching footstrike. This will help keep us from over-striding and should also keep our legs from any potential cramping. Once again we can also use the block strategy!! Since we turned onto 8th from second and we know the race finishes on 8th…we know we have 6 blocks before the final turn!! We can therefore break 8th Ave. South down into 6 smaller units!! Another great tip!!
  11. Lastly…as we make the final turn towards the finish line…keep efficient!! Strong Breathing, Strong Running…TAKE A GOOD PICTURE!! Look up and CELEBRATE!!
  12. CONGRATULATIONS!! You Did It!!

I look forward to seeing each of you at the finish line!! We will celebrate Leapfrog Style
Fitness for a beer…

Once again: Thank You for choosing Leapfrog Athletics.

Leapfrog Athletics: Coach Matt Reedy

(239) 272-7811
Facebook: Leapfrog Athletics.


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10 Tips to the 10k

10 Tips for the 10k:  Leapfrog Athletics presents our Race Strategy for the 10k distance.  We wish you all the best:  may the road be kind, your pace be swift and the finish line find you fulfilled!!  Here is our Best Advice for your pre-race check:

1.  Arrive EARLY on race day, don’t be late and waste energy stressing about chip pick-up (most races now offer bib timing so most will get their number/chip early at packet pick up)and long bathroom lines.

2. Breathe and take some time to make a plan RUN YOUR RACE!  It’s to late to question training so accept what you’ve done and set your mind for YOUR GOAL!

3. Do a proper warm-up.  I recommend a longer distance warm-up for the 10k distance, this helps you settle in and helps you realize the length of the race…this isn’t a 5k!!  I suggest a 2 mile slow pace warm up.  Prepare your mind and body for a longer distance.

4. Do 2-3 Build Ups within 5 minutes of the start.  Help prepare your legs and heart for that initial pace of the race start

5. Line up in accordance to YOUR GOAL.  If you have been training, you have EARNED a spot at the start line, be considerate, but don’t place yourself in the back either, especially if you have trained for a goal.

6. Go out with EASY EFFORT your first mile, don’t get caught up in the initial race, go out conservative, there will be plenty of time to pass people

7. Don’t get hung up on your mile splits!!  This is HUGE!!  Run your race, don’t let the watch dictate your performance.  To many times we hear our first mile split and freak out!! We either panic because we went out “way to fast” OR we realize we are behind our pace and we try to “sprint” in order to make up for a slow first mile.  Relax…you have 5.2 miles yet!!  Control your breath, relax your mind, run your race.

8. At the turn around…This is the ½ way point, here is where the race begins!!  Racing is PASSING!!  Time to ACHIEVE!! Once we turn around, take a breath, SMILE, and just begin to pass people!!  You don’t have to sprint by people, just change something, close a gap, pass…don’t just run along someone unless you know they share the same goal.  You have trained, you have put the work in, don’t let someone else be responsible for your race.

9. LOOK GOOD!!  Listen to the spectators!!  Make eye contact, smile!  These things will help auto-correct most bad form issues (like posture!)  Spectators will tell you all you need to know about your race…if you hear “looking strong, looking good!!”  they are telling you just that!! If you hear “only ½, ¼ mile to go, you can do it”  they are telling you “wow! You look bad…you look like you’re hurting…hold on, you’ll make it!”   This is just a reminder to relax your body, look up, run tall and smile, IT WILL HELP

10. CELEBRATE YOUR RACE!!!  Congratulations, you’ve just raced what I consider the most difficult distance in racing!! Cheers and I hope to see YOU @ a Leapfrog Event in the near future.

April Spring Speed Training

May Power Running/Clam Pass

IRONMAN: Chattanooga 140.6 & Augusta 70.3

Facebook:  Leapfrogrunning    E-mail:

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Friday Night Open Water Swim Social! 6pm Naples Beach Club

Open Water Swim: Weekly Swims begin Friday, March 3rd 6pm and continue through October!

“Time to get Back in the Open Water”

End your work week with us at our Friday Night Swim Social!! Everyone is invited for a casual swim and beach hang out!! We welcome ALL LEVELS and encourage families to attend. Not a swimmer?? No problem!! Just come out and enjoy a Sunset and friendship:)

We meet in the sand in front of Beach Club Bar and Swim Parallel to the Shore.  The total swim distance is approx. 1 mile however you may turn back at any time/distance.

We accommodate swimmers of all levels and strongly encourage people NEW to Open Water!  You’ll find a friendly and supportive group for both competitive and recreational Swimmers and Triathletes!

See you At The Beach!!

Perfect sunset at the Friday Swim/Sunset.

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Thoughts from the Road: Running in 500 Words or Less. Vol. 7

Running Thoughts…from the road.

“Some days you’re the Dog; Some days you’re the Hydrant!”

What is running?? Quite simply: it’s left foot, right foot…repeat! Again and again, over and over, step after step and mile after mile. Sometimes our feet fall easily, one in front of the other; other times it’s everything we have to pick up one foot without scuffing the ground & tripping over ourselves. Running can be tough…

Why is such a simple task so varied in the effort it takes to complete?

As a Coach, I specialize in giving athletes strategies for a more efficient and less painful way to run. I talk of breathingposturefoot-strikearm-positionstride length ect… Yet with all the mechanical knowledge in the world, there are some days that the run just isn’t there. What to do then??

After years of training and coaching over 1,000 athletes I’ve come to the conclusion that although tough runs suck; the value IS THERE in just showing up!! Sure: sometimes a bad run puts us in a bad mood, makes us question our training & fitness; however these thoughts fade rapidly and the STRENGTH we gain from JUST RUNNING will last for many miles past our finish.

So: while you may not always be the Top Dog, you can rest assured that although some runs you may feel like the hydrant, you’ll always be a Lead Dog if you just show up and RUN.

Running Thoughts…from the road.

Leapfrog Athletics

Matthew A. Reedy


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An Open Email to 9 Athletes Training w/Leapfrog: B2B 70.3 & 140.6

What can you expect when TRAINING WITH LEAPFROG???

The following email was sent last week to the 9 athletes we currently have preparing for The Beach2Battleship Full and 1/2 Iron Distance Triathlon.

Being coach is more than just writing a plan…it’s checking in, keeping athletes accountable…understanding that life gets in the way sometimes…it’s about dealing with travel, aches and pains, family, social lives… There is so much more to coaching than feeding an athlete a workout.

We wish everyone success! Train Smart. Run With Purpose. Prepare Yourself.


Hello Everyone!

Hope this finds you all doing well and preparing both mentally and physically for the upcoming event at Beach2Battleship!

I have a few thoughts and concerns that I would like to share…keep in mind these are general thoughts and are said from my “Coach Matt” state of mind:)

First off…This is TOUGH!! It’s an “IRON EVENT” This isn’t easy, it’s not supposed to be easy. Iron is found deep in the earth…under a lot of pressure!! Realize this…Life/Work/Family/Friends/Social/Sleep…all these things add pressure…all these things are WHY the Iron Distance Races are Difficult.

For each of us…Our Training WILL NOT BE PERFECT. Such is our lives!! With this said, I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that some pressures are consistently appearing and “excusing” us from training (Myself Included…)

So…Now is the time to Re-Visit YOUR GOALS…and Re-Commit to your training where you need…

These are the areas I’ve seen and that need worked on…

EATING RIGHT. This means No Skipping Meals. We MUST Fuel our Bodies to Perform & Prevent Injury

HYDRATING THROUGHOUT THE DAY. Do Not Get Behind…it’s over 100 degrees with the heat index… Be Aware.

SLEEPING RIGHT. This one is tricky…It’s not just resisting the urge to stay out late, to overindulge in alcohol BUT IT’S ALSO ABOUT NOT SKIPPING WORKOUTS DO TO A POOR NIGHTS SLEEP. We’ve all been there…tossing and turning all night…then skipping a workout because we’re tired. In reality…I’m not even concerned about the time on the bike missed or the mileage running that is missed…I’m concerned about the MENTAL PROCESS of giving up on a commitment to yourself. REALITY: WE ARE GOING TO HAVE BAD/TIRED MOMENTS IN OUR RACES…I WANT US ALL MENTALLY STRONG. So, be tough mentally. If you plan a morning run/ride/swim…DO IT. Once you start, if you need to modify, I’m totally understanding of that (I trust you know your body) BUT DON’T SKIP SHOWING UP… Build the Mental Toughness that you will need on race day.

COMPLETING THE FULL DISTANCE OF THE WORKOUT. I’ve been guilty of this myself… There is a difference between a 65 Mile Ride and a 40 Mile Ride…DON’T SELL YOURSELF SHORT. If the plan says 75…then make it a point to DO 75…not 55. Yes, it’s a detail and yes there are time constraints…I know this, I understand this, and on occasion I have fell short myself. Please make falling short the exception, not the rule (NOTE: Kim and Christie you have an outline that is geared for much higher mileage than you need, so this one doesn’t apply:)

TRAINING WITH TRAVEL. We have an active bunch doing the Iron Races! With all of the travel for business and pleasure it is important to get SOMETHING in every day. We can’t all have our bikes or a pool with us when we travel…but we can all take our shoes. These is HUGE VALUE in just putting in some time. To make an hour will reap HUGE REWARDS!! You can always run for an hour and use that time to MENTALLY PREP YOUR SWIM/BIKE. Mental Preparation IS HUGE>Your Mind Will Overcome a Ton!! No need to kill it on time or intensity, big need to consistently move though. (If your hotel has a pool then even better and most gyms have spin classes that we can always use…once again, not intensity, just activity:)

NUTRITION ON THE BIKE. Just a continued follow up that this HAS TO BE A PRIORITY!! We need to be “over eating” now so that on race day we have a HABIT. I promise that miles will go bye on the bike that we will each likely “forget” to eat/hydrate. It’s also likely to be cool…so we won’t have the heat pushing us to drink…SO WE MUST HAVE THE HABIT.

LASTLY…Have the “Come to Jesus” moment on what your true expectation is and what your level of training is. Make sure they are consistent. I have no issue as long as your training is in line with your goals. Just Be True To Yourself. I want nothing but for each of us to HAVE A GREAT EXPERIENCE!! That Is Victory!!

I’m PROUD of each of us for CHOOSING to become IRONMEN!! Let’s Rise To The Pressure Of Our Life. Let’s Support One Another and Lets Train Smart:)

See You All Soon!

Matt Reedy




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Thoughts from the Road: Running in 500 Words or Less. Vol. 9

Thoughts from the Road.

The Long Straight Road.

I happen to be a fan of running long straight roads. I enjoy staring off into the distance and seeing the endless asphalt in front of me. To some this may seem unbearable, I know many runners who dread the long straight road. As for me though, it represents the potential for Achievement, the feeling of Freedom and that ever elusive Runners High.

How Far Can I Go??? That question pops in every runners mind once in a while. We are solemn creatures who brave heat, sun, wind, rain and snow just to find some fading feeling.

WHY the Long Straight Road?

Who knows! It’s not like there is a prize or a medal at the end…Only Satisfaction that I ACHIEVED the distance!! It’s a tangible look into that elusive “Runners High.” A “runners high” that is so intense we barely remember the pain it took to achieve it and after it fades we are left quietly knowing that we will make a way to achieve it again. Running really is an addiction!

I believe in the freedom that long straight roads provide. No need to guess distances, no need to over think direction, wind or surface…just freedom and ACCEPTANCE that I will eventually find the end. It’s the chase to the end that I enjoy!!

Even at the end of the long road…after the achievement is made, the High is gone and freedom has passed… it is no sooner that I complete it than I go back out and seek it again. Searching for a longer road, a greater high, a deeper sense of freedom and peace.

This is why I love the Long Straight Road. I hope you too will find enjoyment on your run journey, I wish you all the peace and freedom of your Long Straight Road.

Thoughts from the road.

Leapfrog Athletics

Matthew A. Reedy

Comments, Suggestions, Feedback, Likes, Shares & Retweets Appreciated. Thank You!

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Thoughts from the Road: Running in 500 Words or Less. Vol. 13

Thoughts from the road.

Running involves COMMITMENT…

Running involves COMMITMENTRunning takes Time.

Put in to much time running and not enough time recovering…the body can fail.

Don’t put in enough time, running sporadically and playing the “weekend warrior” and the body can break.

So where do you draw the line? How do you commit enough and not over-train???

As a Coach I work hard with each athlete to assess their goals and put together the proper balance for each runner. We talk and we plan. We take a look at EVERYTHING…Life, Work, Family, Recreational Activities, Cross Training Opportunities, Sleeping Habits…I even know if they walk a dog!!


It takes time, and we all have a finite amount in each day. What works for one athlete likely won’t work for another. Running is like a relationship…each of us has our own unique history and as our life changes, so do our relationships. Our relationship with our running must change and evolve as our lives and goals change.

Running involves COMMITMENT. Just like a long and loving friendship…there will be good times and tough times, there will be perfect harmonies and sour patches…However, just like a relationship…when we put in the quality time and effort we can build a successful running career as each of us has built successful friendships, partnerships and relationships!!

All we need is COMMITMENT. Stay Focused, Don’t get Discouraged…Remember: Everyone has good runs and tough runs…Winners just persist!! Injuries happen…Winners just Modify and Adjust. Life Changes and so will our Running. Just Stay Committed.

Commit to Running as you would Commit to any friendship/relationship that you would like to last… Just like that friend, Running will be there in good times and bad, you’ll share success and failure, you’ll laugh, cry and celebrate together!!

May You See Running as Your Best Friend…

Thoughts from the road.

Leapfrog Athletics

Matthew A. Reedy

Comments, Suggestions, Feedback, Likes, Shares & Retweets Appreciated. Thank You!

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Thoughts from the Road: Running in 500 Words or Less. Vol. 12

Thoughts from the road. RUN BACKWARD…To Go Forward.

Going Forward in Reverse…

I like running backward!!

Funny things happen when we just keep moving! Be it forward or backward, if we just keep going we always end up further along the road. How we move…That’s just a matter of circumstance. Sometimes we move quickly forward, other times we trudge onward barely picking ourselves up and yet at other moments we may find ourselves moving forward in reverse.

All that really matters is Activity. Just Keep Moving. ForwardsBackwardsEasy or Difficult. Just keep moving!

Sure, we modify and adjust…Life throws us curve balls, Family pulls us with obligation, Injuries Happen…Still, we must find a way to Just Keep Moving. There is Progress even when things appear backwards!!

The Value is in motion. As a Run Coach I understand the importance of Backwards Training. In life, I’ve come to learn that there is Value in Time and Motion. Even when don’t appear right…Even when everything isn’t going “the right way,” there is still Progress Being Made! AND, like in run training, often times there is very real value in those moments of “going backwards!”

May you always have the Courage to Run Backwards! May you have the Wisdom to Modify and the Strength to Make Time. It takes only a moment…May you see the Value in Movement, even if things aren’t perfect…there can be progress going Forward in Reverse.

Run Backwards. It Helps…

Thoughts from the road.

Leapfrog Athletics

Matthew A. Reedy

Comments, Suggestions, Feedback, Likes, Shares & Retweets Appreciated. Thank You!

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Thoughts from the Road: Running in 500 Words or Less. Vol. 11

Thoughts from the road.  Why I run?

My “Running Refresher.”

Recently I set out on a early morning Long Run. It was Florida Cold at 48 degrees and it was hours before sun up. I was questioning my own sanity as I put my hat and gloves on for what I planned to do.

Sometimes as runners we have to question “WHY?”

I have no marathon on the horizon, nothing to prove, not a soul to impress and I even like to think that I’m inwardly satisfied with my level of fitness. Why then? Why, on this recent Saturday morning was I up before dawn, staring down a Long Straight Road with plans of hitting double digit mileage before 7am??

It’s been 48 hours since that run and I still can’t answer WHY…

How do I feel?? Absolutely Fantastic!!

And that’s just it…there is no real reason why I got up to run, no part of any plan or training model… Just a faith and understanding that THIS FEELING would come…and THIS FEELING will last!! This Sense of Accomplishment in something that for all intents and purposes made no sense at all!!! I had no reason to be up before 4am, no reason to run the miles… No Reason At All!! Just a faith and understanding that I needed to…I needed a Running Refresher.

I don’t know WHY YOU RUN…Or what YOUR GOALS ARE…what YOUR PLAN calls for…

I DO KNOW that I HOPE you find YOUR FAITH and YOUR UNDERSTANDING on YOUR RUNS!! Be it early morning long runs, afternoon short runs, evening easy runs or weekend race days!! May You enjoy the Refreshment that Running Allows.

Thoughts from the road.

Leapfrog Athletics

Matthew A. Reedy

Comments, Suggestions, Feedback, Likes, Shares & Retweets Appreciated. Thank You!

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Thoughts from the Road: Running in 500 Words or Less. Vol. 10

Thoughts from the road.  Running Home.

Running Home…

I enjoy my steps along the road. Leaving the house and heading into to great unknown of what each run will bring. It’s always amusing to me how I can have one intention for how my run will go and how my body tends to try and dictate another mission.

I am a believer that running is 90% mental. Now don’t get me wrong, I know we still have to put miles in, and we have to spend time minding our activity, however when it comes to down it: it’s Quality over Quantity when it comes to training.

What is a Quality mile?

It’s the mile run with intent. The “Mental Mile” where we go through struggle. It’s the mile where it would be easier to just quit, to slow down, to walk…yet we preserver!! Quality miles, for me at least, are typically NOT THE FAST MILES. For me, the Quality Miles are those where I am struggling. It’s the miles that build Mental Toughness. It is within these miles that Personal Bests are achieved!!

Anyone can run fast without any obstacle…BUT:  can you run fast while in pain? Are you able to continue when your legs want to quit? Can you push back the voices in your head and push a little harder? Can you achieve more???

We never know how any run will go. I do set out on the road with an intent in mind,  a goal for each run; however, it is not until I find myself Running Home that I understand the true value of each step taken.

May you always Run Home with a Smile on your face and Satisfaction for any and all miles accomplished. May you be blessed with tough runs and Quality Achievements!!

We hope you always see the value in the Quality of your miles as you are Running Home.

Thoughts from the road.

Leapfrog Athletics

Matthew A. Reedy

Comments, Suggestions, Feedback, Likes, Shares & Retweets Appreciated. Thank You!