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Daddy Daughter Workout: Tuesday Abs


Daddy Daughter Workout: Tuesday Abs

Home workouts can be fun and you can start anywhere at any time! Today Amelia and I are demonstrating an Up/Down Ladder style abdominal workout. We start with small reps and go UP…this way regardless of your starting point you can TRY! If you’re looking for a challenge…you go UP the rep count & come back DOWN! It’s a challenge for sure!

HERE’S THE WORKOUT: Start with a 20 second forearm plank. Then we do 2 Reps of Each: Leg Lifts/Curls. Crunch Twists. Scissors. That’s the sequence. You go UP the time (Increasing plank 10 seconds each round) and rep count (Adding 2 more reps each round!) climbing to 1 minute plank and 10 reps of each exercise. THEN: You go back Down the ladder until you return to 20 second plank and a rep count of 2.

It’s a simple but TOUGH one! Start where you are and go as far as you can! There’s always room for improvement…just start by giving it a TRY!!

Check In Time!

Did YOU try yesterdays workout? How did it go? Let me know any questions or comments, I love your feedback and look forward to hearing about your progress and success!!

STAY TUNED for tomorrows workout…it’s gonna be good!!

Stay Healthy & Sane: Keep Moving!


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Live from The Track 2/10/2020



It’s our Monday Form & Fundamental Workout. Today we worked on the rest period BETWEEN INTERVALS. We focused on maintaining our Capacity to Perform as we worked on Breathing/Heart Rate & Posture.

Our next Track Practice is Wednesday 6-7a.m. Repeat 200’s.

We look forward to seeing you soon @Leapfrog.

Two ways to JOIN LEAPFROG:

  • Social Membership (All social events & discounts for all Leapfrog Trainings.
  • Premium Membership (All of the social benefits PLUS: Bigger Discounts & A Daily Fitness Calendar w/strength and body weight exercises for Running, Biking & Swimming.)
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RACE STRATEGY: Naples Fitness Challenge Sprint Tri.

Leapfrog Athletics Presents

Tips and Strategy for the Fitness Challenge Sprint Triathlon:

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  1. Arrive Early for race check in.  Be sure to check you bike tire pressure and have both tires inflated to proper psi.  Set your bike up on your rack early for best position.
  2. Count how many bike racks you pass coming into transition BOTH WAYS until your rack.  Know your rack position (Don’t rely on reading the numbers, they could fall off or someone could be standing in front of them…do not lose your bike/rack in transition!)
  3. Walk down to the water and check out the swim course…DON’T PANIC!  Be sure to check out the beach heading into the water…see how far you can run into the water before the shore dips and you  have to swim.  Do the same for the finish…See how the beach is, where the sand dips and how far you need to swim in before standing and running to the finish.  ALSO:  Be sure to check your “sight line” from the last buoy to the finish line, remember: the sun will be coming up so most likely you WILL NOT be able to see the finish line while swimming.
  4. Relax, Use the Bathroom…
  5. Warm Up!! Approx. 20 minutes before your wave, do a short warm up.  Approx. a 1/2 mile and some build ups.


Run With Purpose
  1. Go out with an EASY EFFORT for the first stretch.  Here you will get sucked along with the crowd, so just relax and enjoy, don’t push it to hard the first ½ mile.
  2. When you get to Crayton Rd.  Here is a great place to assess your position, are you running near people you train with?  Establish a strong breath and good form.
  3. When you turn RIGHT on Spring Line know that here is both UPHILL and the First Mile Mark.  I highly suggest NOT looking at your watch!!  Whatever you choose, however fast that first mile has gone by: DO NOT SLOW DOWN or ADJUST YOUR YOUR PACE HERE.  You will be going up a small hill, so don’t relax here…Continue your pace with strong form up the hill, once you turn right on Alamanda you may relax a bit.  Alamanda is DOWN HILL and provides a great opportunity to relax and practice Active Recovery.
  4. Continue to relax across Alamanda and on Orchid Dr. 
  5. Once you  turn right on Mandarin Dr.  you have options:  IF you are a Strong Runner I suggest picking up the pace here and actively passing people.  Mandarin is a nice street approx.  ½ mile long and in the shade, great opportunity to pass your opponents!  IF running is not a strong suit of yours, I suggest just running with Good Form, Strong Posture and a Medium Breath.
  6. Once you turn left on Banyan, this is a Recovery Street.  Catch your breath, Strong Posture and Form.
  7. Once you go right on 41 here is the TWO MILE MARK. 
  8. I suggest EVERYONE make an effort to RACE this stretch of the course.  In other words, push the pace here!! 
  9. Know that keeping your eyes up, you can look toward the stoplight and know that you will be turning on to South Golf Drive one block before the stoplight.
  10. Turn Right on to South Golf Drive.  Here is the second uphill of the course!  Once again, do not relax your form/pace until you have crested this slight incline.
  11. Once you pass the top of the hill you will want to practice Active Recovery again and find a Strong, Smooth Pace/Rhythm.
  12. As you run down S. Gulf Drive, Run Strong!  Not nessicarily fast…the 5k in a Reverse Triathlon is NOT the time to go after your P.R.  (you still have to have energy to bike and swim…so don’t push yourself all our on the runJ
  13. As the Beach Club comes into sight, start changing your thought process to how you will transition.  DON’T WASTE TIME IN TRANSITION.
  14. Think:  Where’s my bike rack, Where’s my bike, Then Helmet on/buckled, change shoes (if required) and then RUN your bike out of transition to the mount line.


  1. Mount the bike as quickly as possible.
  2. Keep riding the first ½ mile in an EASY GEAR.  Everyone should be in the Little Chain Ring.
  3. TIP:  The first ½ mile has 3 turns, instead of pushing to maximum acceleration before each turn, try instead to establish a quick cadence and a strong breath!! 
  4. Once you get to the stoplight at Banyan I suggest beginning to Accellerate USING YOUR GEARS!!
  5. TIP:  Know that on the course you make a turn approx. every ½ mile until Venitian Village.  SO:  at 15mph you turn every 2 minutes (at 20mph you turn every 90seconds!!) So if you have a headwind… don’t fret! You’ll soon be turning and the wind will change!!
  6. TIP:  Use your Gears up the hill at Mooring Line Bridge.  ALSO: if you’re clipped in, pull UP on the peddle stroke!
  7. TIP:  Peddle through your Turns!!
  8. REMEMBER:  Once you turn into Venitian Village you have 2 miles straight down and back…Odds are you will have a HEADWIND and a TAILWIND.  Use your gears appropriately!  (Easy Gear, high cadence into the wind.  Hard Gear fast speed with the wind at your back)  ALSO: Remember: Brake, Peddle and Shift as you come into those U-Turns.
  9. Coming out of Venitian: just know you turn every ½ mile.   Keep on Pushing!!
  10. On the way back, once you come through the stoplight at Banyan, start thinking about your transition:  Where is your bike rack? 
  11. Dismount, and RUN your bike to its rack.  Remove your helmet and shoes, grab your goggle and GO!!
  12. RUN out of transition and down to the swim.  You don’t have to run fast…IN Fact I suggest running Easy, Run with GOOD POSTURE, Establish a Strong Breath!!  Big inhales and Exhales as you prepare for the swim


  1. TIP:  The road is rough in the parking lot, look for the concrete “gutter” and run on that stretch, it’s smooth and cool.
  2. Enter the Water and Start Swimming!! 
  3. SIGHT OFTEN!!  This is HUGE!  IF you struggle swimming the last thing you want to do is swim extra…so SIGHT OFTEN.
  4. Modify your swim stroke as needed.  Use Side Stroke, Back Stroke…Most Importantly: Don’t Panic.  Breath, Sight and Continue Forward.
  5. Swim towards the finish!!  Once you stand up, CONTINUE TO RUN out of the water and Up The Beach to the finish line!!
  6. Keep your Arms Up, Your Eyes Up and TAKE A GREAT PICTURE!! 
  7. You’ve Just Had a Successful Triathlon!!
  8. Cheers and Congrats!!

I look forward to seeing each of you at the finish line!!  We will celebrate Leapfrog Style:

Fitness for a beer…

Once again:   Thank You for choosing Leapfrog Atheltics!!

***Don’t Forget to Check Out our MEMORIAL DAY SALE!! 3 Months of All Things Leapfrog for only $140 (Plus Leapfrog Membership of $3/Month.)

Leapfrog Athletics: PO Box: 9336 Naples FL  34101  (239) 272-7811    

Facebook:  Leapfrogathletics        E-mail: 

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Top 10 Reasons to DO LEADVILLE

Leadville Training BEGINS MONDAY.

Top 10 Reasons to DO LEADVILLE:

  1. We live in Florida!  It’s HOT in June…Go To Leadville…Be Cool!
  2. A Good Chance to Actually SEE SNOW!!
  3. Enjoy “High Mountain Pies” Pizza!
  4. Learn to Love the Stairmaster!
  5. Be in the BEST SHAPE of your life!!
  6. Overcome Fear of Failure by ACCEPTING THE CHALLENGE
  7. Running Flat Roads is Easy??
  8. The view at 13,000 feet IS AMAZING!
  9. Who doesn’t enjoy 7 miles of DOWNHILL???
  10. You get a cool COFFEE CUP!!  


“You’re stronger than you think you are…You can do more than you think you can.”

Sign Up Here.

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Destination Leadville 2020


JUNE 13, 2020

Run through the historic mining district’s challenging old mining roads and trails, and hit a high of 13,185 feet at Mosquito Pass during the Leadville Trail Marathon or Heavy Half Marathon. The views will leave you breathless, if you’re not already. The marathon will mark its 19th year in 2020, while the Heavy Half will mark its 15th.

Join Leapfrog Athletics as we TRAIN for the “Trip of a Lifetime!”

Experience Running at 10,000 feet…in the mountains of Leadville Colorado!

FEAR NOT!!! For Leapfrog will PREPARE YOU:)

Sign Up for this DESTINATION RACE TRAINING and you will receive over 16 weeks of Leapfrog Training to get you ready! Your training will include access to a DAILY Google Calendar Training Guide (including Weight Training, Running, Stair Workouts, Bike Workouts/Cross Training, Nutrition & Hydration Guidelines), ALL Leapfrog Group Practices ($255 Value!)


Don’t wait to sign up though…the race sells out, so sign up today!! COMMIT.

Coach Matt will work with YOU to make any adjustments and to ensure you both a SUCCESSFUL Race and an EXPERIENCE you’ll be sure to remember for a lifetime!

Let’s TRAVEL and Have Fun with The Leadville Trail Marathon and Heavy Half!! Come join us on this EXPERIENCE of racing through the mountains starting in the highest incorporated city in the U.S.

Lodging: We have once again rented out the Entire Alps Motel! Conveniently Located only blocks from the start, this 8 room motel has 13 beds for us to completely take over! We have the motel from Friday to Monday. We have the Best Deal for 3 nights in Historic Leadville CO.

The Alps Motel

Leadville is a small town with all the character and charm of the Old West. It’s tough environment is endured because of the beauty of it’s location. Come join us as we find the Guts, Grit and Determination to RUN.

Why Leadville???

  • With a starting elavation of 10,152 feet…and a run UP from there…you know it’s going to be a challenge!!
  • Lots of History and Small Town Charm
  • Simple Destination w/Breathtaking Beauty

“You’re Stronger Than You Think You Are…You Can Do More Than You Think You Can.” Ken Chlouber.

2020 race registration is now open!


Sign Up for the Leapfrog Training Here.