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Hill Series: The Uphill, Top, Downhill and Flat.

September 20, 2019 @ 6:00 am - 7:00 am

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An event every week that begins at 6:00 am on Friday, repeating until September 27, 2019

An event every week that begins at 6:00 am on Friday, repeating until September 6, 2019

Hill Running

The Hill Running Series. POWER RUNNING.

Join us starting on Wednesday September 5th at 6a.m. as we begin our 4 week series on “how to” run hills. We have both an evening and morning Running Workouts so we can work with all schedules.

This is a 4 week Running series with 4 workouts each week: Monday/Thursday at 6pm and Wednesday/Friday at 6am. The location for the Monday 6pm and the Wednesday 6am practice meets at Venitian Village (North side parking lot.) The Thursday 6pm and Friday 6am workouts are at Connor Park located on Immokalee Rd (111th ave.)all the way WEST of 41. The park is located on your right BEFORE going over the bridge. (Workout details are announced at each practice and communicated via group text each week.) Each workout lasts approx. 1 hour.


Take your running to the next level with Run Fundamentals:

*Arm Position

Ideal for beginners and seasoned runners.

What exactly IS Power Running?

At Leapfrog we train athletes “How To” Run using your whole body: How to Accelerate, How to Maintain Pace And How to Recover…Keeping in mind FORM and MECHANICS.

To put it simply: Power Running is Running with more than just your legs…it’s using every muscle in your body. It’s how you breathe, it’s where your arms are positioned and it’s the lenght of your stride at different times during your run!! At Leapfrog we understand that all these variables change…sometimes our breath is steady, sometimes our arms are relaxed, sometimes our stride is easy; and sometimes none of these things happen:) Power Running will help you better understand how these things happen and more importantly…How To Adjust when things don’t go right.

Power Running, The Hill Series, is a 4 week training program that will teach you “how to” run with your whole body to overcome the OBSTACLE of HILLS. You will learn all the mechanics of Efficient Running thru the hill: The Uphill, The Top, The Downhill and The Flat. At Leapfrog we use workouts designed specifically for different body parts to increase power, efficiency and recovery. Run workouts that focus on Core Strength, Arm Power, Leg Power and Breathing. We target each of these areas and then mend them together to help you achieve more POWER.

ARE YOU A TRIATHLETE?? If so, Power Running is perfect training for you!! As you get off your bike, your legs have been working hard…wouldn’t it be great to know How To use the rest of your body to help you RUN STRONG to the finish?? Power Running is an absolute must for any triathlete.

“Prepare Yourself”

Join Leapfrog & Save Money. Membership Information Here.

DON’T MISS OUT!! Register Today. Come learn the “How To’s” of Running.

Run Stronger, Run Longer, Run Faster…Run w/Leapfrog.


Connor Park
111th Ave. N.
Naples, FL United States
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Austin Nolz reviewed Leapfrog Athletics — 5 star

Coach Matt is passionate and knowledgeable about running, but more importantly he cares about your long term posture and performance. He can work with all levels of athletes and explains differences in pace and effort. His explanations are easy to understand and he uses exercises to teach you how to run better! 5/5

Mike Shaw reviewed Leapfrog Athletics — 5 star 

Matt is an exceptional coach that is particular about technique yet accommodating to all levels of athletes. He's always positive and friendly, and makes sure to touch base and provide feedback with each person no matter the size crowd. Great job, Matt, and thanks for helping me run times I never expected to see!

Mark Russell reviewed Leapfrog Athletics — 5 star 

Trading with Coach Matt Reedy has been amazing. Not only does he offer great training but the group of athletes that train with us are also incredible. Team Effort is where it is at. Thanks Matt.

Debra Orringer reviewed Leapfrog Athletics — 5 star

Great athletes come from great coaching. Matt is an amazing coach.

Anne Reed

A big thank you to my run coach, Matthew A Reedy.  The last three sessions I did with him were at Connor Park, which has a bridge which is the biggest hill on the course.  I bitched so much-seriously who needs to “learn” to run up and down a hill-but I ran that hill both times, no walking, and my body immediately did what he taught me to do, and I felt strong!!!  I also ran a lot more than I thought I would, and used all the breathing he taught me.  THANKS COACH!

Christie Cardinal


I would like to send out a very big thank you to #Matthew Reedy at #LeapfrogAthletics ( hope I did the hashtag things right, I'm so untechie).

At the beginning of summer I reached out to him to say I've been a slug for the past year but would love to begin training with LeapFrog again but didn't think I could keep up. He assured me I would be fine and encouraged me to show up. It has only been a few weeks and I already feel so much stronger! It is great to be a part of the Leapfrog Athletics family again. The comradery and encouragement from the group is amazing!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Laura C. Smith


I finally found my group! It’s been a game changer for me and my only regret is that I didn’t discover Leapfrog Athletics sooner!! Matt is a terrific coach - he welcomes new members warmly and adapts each session catering for a range of running abilities to make sure ‘newbies’ aren’t overwhelmed and seasoned runners feel challenged. I ran before joining leapfrog, and had a few 10ks and 3 half marathons under my belt, but I’ve learned so much about running and technique since I joined in October! 


Previously I was never able to run a 10k without stopping. I didn’t enjoy the half marathons and my recovery was a struggle. I always had to have a bottle of water in my hand. I was also dependent on music, I even couldn’t attempt hold a conversation whilst running!!! 


Now - I know what it means to run with purpose. I recognize technique and have a new found ability to listen to my body and reset mid run.


I no longer feel the need to walk. I don’t ever run with a water bottle in my hand. I don’t rely on music or my garmin. I’ve PR’d my 5k, 10k and half! I run strong and feel so confident with my training and readiness to race. I’ve met amazing people - which was much needed for me being new to area! 


Fantastic! Fun! Fitness! Friends! - Come try it!