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Thoughts from the Road: Running in 500 Words or Less. Vol. 6

Thoughts from the road.  Falling Down.

Falling Down…

It happens to all us now and again. Back in my more competitive days I once fell down while jumping a chain fence!! Silly as this sounds, it ended up being quite serious. This particular fall happened 2 weeks before our State Championship Cross Country Meet. To say it was a let down to myself, my teammates and my coach would be an understatement. I had caused injury to myself and let those around me down.

I remember the rehab from that injury…I’ve never pushed myself harder. I felt I had to “make up” for my mistake. Looking back, I can’t say if it was sweat or tears that poured off my body as I did HOURS of Treadmill and StairMaster work. There was no physical pain that could compare with letting down my coach and teammates.

Injuries Hurt the Mind & Body.

Well…I missed the State Meet, my team didn’t win, and I felt a disappointment deep with anger. Being a part of a group or team comes with risks as well as rewards. Although nothing will replace the letdown I gave my team, nothing will ever replace the support and encouragement my team gave me!!

The State Meet came and went, many more miles were logged and our lives continued. A few years back I met up with my former teammates for a run, and believe me, that chain jumping fall came back into conversation!! We shared laughs, we talked of my comeback runs and the harassment my teammates heaped upon me. We relived some Fun Days!! Funny thing is: The State Meet NEVER CAME UP!!

Teammates are Friends, and Falling Down is just part of Running…

That was over 25 years ago and I still remember all that came from Falling Down…

Thoughts from the road.

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Matthew A. Reedy


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