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Live from The Track 2/12/2020.


Today we talk about our 200 Meter Repeat Workout and some of the things that make Leapfrog unique. PLUS: Your invitation to JOIN LEAPFROG for our Hill Series & Track Workouts


When doing REPEATS it’s not only about the Speed…Consistency Matters! We started this week learning about and practicing techniques for Passive Recovery. We went through a process to both gain control of your breath and lower your heart rate. We also discussed mental strategies and ways to break workouts and runs down into “Units You Can Handle.” Today we Practiced that technique with a minimum of Twelve by 200 Meter Repeats. Although Speed is Important…It was Consistency that I was more concerned about with today’s workout! Check out the video for more information and JOIN LEAPFROG so you to may Learn…Practice & Workout.

NEXT UP: Our Friday Hill Series Workout where we focus on running AT THE TOP of a Hill. I hope to see you there! Details, Membership and Sign Up at

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