Run With Purpose: 1/2 Marathon Training



1/2 Marathon Training. PREPARE YOURSELF. Learn. Practice. Workout.

Join Us as we run each mile of the Naples News 1/2 Marathon course with PURPOSE.


Train for the 13.1 mile race with Intervals, Active Recovery, Passing Drills, Speed Work, and Pace Workouts. You’ll learn how to Run On Fatigued Legs, how to Mentally Plan, how to Take Inventory and Prevent Distress.

Get your 1/2 Marathon Training started with Leapfrog Athletics and you’ll not only get the entire “On The Course” Naples News 1/2 Marathon Training that starts October 1st…You’ll also receive a Training Guide to help you “PREPARE YOURSELF”!!

That’s over 3 months of coached workouts, including:

In addition you receive a training guide for both beginners and advanced runners to get you ready for the 1/2 Marathon!!

We will make you stronger both Mentally and Physically.

You’ll be more confident and come into race day prepared in both mind and body.

With Leapfrog you’ll have more than just a group to train with:)

We host 3 group practices per week: Monday and Wednesday 6am @Community School Track.  Friday 6a.m. “On The Course”   Each practice lasts approx. 1 hour and the workouts are broken down into groups so no one is left out. We have a wide range of paces, ages and experience!!

Whether this is your 1st 1/2 Marathon or your 20th…Leapfrog will help you achieve more!

Sign Up TODAY:  Membership AND Training Series

You’ll get all the support and encouragement you need plus you’ll meet good people and receive Quality Coaching and Challenging Workouts!! ALL GEARED TOWARDS YOUR SUCCESS!!

DON’T MISS OUT!! Register Today. Come learn the “How To’s” of Running:

Run Stronger. Run Longer. Run Faster.

Learn. Practice. Workout.



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