Custom Training Plans: 1/2 & Full Marathon, Triathlon



Want to do YOUR Personal Best??? Start with one of our Custom Training Plans from Leapfrog Athletics.

Why choose Leapfrog?

At Leapfrog we consult with you one on one and get an in depth understanding of what you need in training and coaching.

We look at your WHOLE TRAINING: Goals, Nutrition, Time Available, Alternate Activities/Cross Training, Weight Management, Travel, Race Specific Training (i.e. Hill Training, Altitude Racing, Hot/Cold Weather Prep.) We take all these aspects into consideration and build a plan that works for your life and activity.

You’ll get a custom Google Calendar with your detailed Daily Plan and daily e-mail reminders!

We consult with you throughout your training and make modifications as needed. Leapfrog Training Plans will help you become the best athlete you can be!! And we’ll be there every step of the way to address your specific needs. Sign Up TODAY and let’s get started!!

What you get:
1. One on One Consultation to gather YOUR information to build a plan specific to YOUR NEEDS.

2. After the consultation we will formulate your plan which will include: Your Goal, Nutrition Guide, Plan Strategy & Philosophy, Training Breakdown including YOUR Cross Training Options & Substitutions, Race Strategy, Weekly Run Plan with Daily Mileage & Effort, Weekly Focus Plan so you know the Purpose of the week’s training, Contact Information to allow Full Access to Leapfrog Coaching.

3. At 6 weeks before your race we have another One on One consultation to address any training issues and focus in on Race Specific Training and Adding Supplementation.

4. Post-Race Consultation to Celebrate YOUR ACHIEVEMENT and gather feedback to continually improve Leapfrog Coaching.

Don’t Wait!! Sign Up Today!! Custom Plans Range from 16-20 Weeks.

Thanks for CHOOSING Leapfrog Athletics!!


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