DESTINATION: Leadville. MARATHON & HEAVY 1/2. June 17, 2017




Join Leapfrog Athletics as we TRAIN for the “Trip of a Lifetime!”

Experience Running at 10,000 feet…in the mountains of Leadville Colorado!

FEAR NOT!!! For Leapfrog will PREPARE YOU:)

Sign Up for this DESTINATION RACE TRAINING and you will receive 16 weeks of Leapfrog Training to get you ready! Your training will include access to a DAILY Google Calendar Training Guide (including Weight Training, Running, Stair Workouts, Bike Workouts/Cross Training, Nutrition & Hydration Guidelines), ALL Leapfrog Group Practices ($225 Value!) Coinciding with training: March 10k Series, April Spring Speed Series & May Clam Pass/Power Running Series.


Don’t wait to sign up though…the race sells out, so sign up today!! COMMIT.

Coach Matt will work with YOU to make any adjustments and to ensure you both a SUCCESSFUL Race and an EXPERIENCE you’ll be sure to remember for a lifetime!

Let’s TRAVEL and Have Fun with The Leadville Trail Marathon and Heavy Half!! Come join us on this EXPERIENCE of racing through the mountains starting in the highest incorporated city in the U.S.

Leadville is a small town with all the character and charm of the Old West. It’s tough environment is endured because of the beauty of it’s location. Come join us as we find the Guts, Grit and Determination to RUN.

Why Leadville??? It’s NOT YOUR NORMAL RUN:) With a starting elavation of 10,152 feet…and a run UP from there…you know it’s going to be a challenge!!

“You’re Stronger Than You Think You Are…You Can Do More Than You Think You Can.” Ken Chlouber.


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