February: Hill Running Series.



Learn “How To” overcome the obstacle that Hill Running presents!!

Join Leapfrog Athletics as we practice Hill Running on the streets near Connor Park. Learn “How To” run the 4 sections of a Hill: The Uphill, Across the Top, Downhill Running and the Flat at the bottom…

As Runners we encounter All Sorts of Obstacles while running. There are Hills, Wind, Turns, and Surfaces…Do you know to Change Your Run to Best Overcome these obstacles??? It goes without saying that various conditions demand various Stride Length, Breathing Techniques and Postures. At Leapfrog we address the conditions that every runner encounters while running and we COACH YOU on “How To” ADAPT & OVERCOME any Obstacle you encounter!!

The Hill Series is a 4 week progressive training with both morning and evening training options. We practice Monday and Thursday evenings at 6pm and Wednesday/Friday mornings at 6am. Each workout lasts approx. 1 hour and we offer modifications to make the workouts accessible for every level runner!!

The Monday 6am and Wednesday 6am workouts meet at Community School of Naples for Track Workouts.

The Friday 6am practices will leave from Connor Park Located off 111th ave. (Also known as Immokalee Rd.) To get to Connor Park take 41 to Immokalee Rd and head West (11th ave) Connor Park will be down on your right BEFORE going over the bridge (our HILL!)

Leapfrog Offers Multiple Ways to Train!! You may come to any combination of workouts.  You may purchase just the Hill Series, a Leapfrog PUNCH CARD, or you may purchase a multiple month session to receive a DISCOUNT (Available for Purchase ONLY at a Leapfrog Practice.)

We look forward to seeing YOU soon at Leapfrog Athletics!!

Helping YOU “Leap the Competition!”

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