Leapfrog Memorial Day Sale:)



Stay Fit This Summer with the Leapfrog Memorial Day Sale:  3 Months of ALL THINGS LEAPFROG for only $120.00 (*Plus a Leapfrog Membership $3/Month)

Stay Cool in the Heat with our Morning Track Workouts, Morning Bike Workouts and Open Water Swimming!

You’ll #RunWithPurpose

Running Shoe


You’ll #RideSmart

Coach Matt at the Goodland Bridge


You’ll #SwimConfident

With Leapfrog You’ll


***Three Coached Run Workouts EACH WEEK

***Weekly Bike Social/Skills Ride

***Weekly Open Water Swim

***One 90 Minute Bike Workout Each Month

***One 90 Minute Open Water Swim Each Month


Run Form & Fundamentals Practice  Monday’s 6-7a.m.

Run Speed Work Workout  Wednesday 6-7a.m.

Bike Skills & Social Rides  Tuedays 6:30a.m. and 1 Saturday/Month

Open Water Swims  Fridays 6pm and 1 Saturday/Month

Race Specific Run Workouts  Fridays 6-7a.m.



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