March 10k & Recovery Breathing Series! Artis Naples 10k Preparation



10k Training w/Focus on RECOVERY BREATHING.

Sign Up TODAY for the March 10k/Recovery Breathing Series. The 10k is nothing like the traditional 5k! With twice the distance the race takes on an entirely different feel. Leapfrog will help YOU train for this distance with our March 10/Recovery Breathing Series.

Learn “How To” Recover Your Breath while Running!!


Join Leapfrog Athletics for the month of March as we PREPARE for the 10k by practicing Recovery Breathing Techniques on the streets near Pelican Bay. Learn “How To” Breathe using your Full Lung Capacity!! Learn “How To” Accelerate without losing your breath!! Learn “How To” Recover your breath without stopping!!

Discover the correlations between your Rate of Breath and your Heart Rate. Learn to increase your Capacity for both Speed and Endurance!!


At Leapfrog we COACH Runners to Run Faster with Easier Efforts!!

The March 10k/Recovery Breathing Series is a 5 week progressive training with morning training workouts. We practice Monday and Wednesday mornings at 6a.m. on The Track at Community School.  Friday morning workouts are “On the Course” and meet at Artis Naples.   Each workout lasts approx. 1 hour and we offer modifications to make the workouts accessible for every level runner!!

The Monday and Wednesday 6am workouts meet at The Community School of Naples.

The Friday 6am practices will leave from Artis Naples.   Located on the South Side of Pelican Bay Blvd.

Leapfrog Offers Multiple Ways to Train!! You may come to any combination of workouts.   You may purchase just the Recovery Breathing Series, a Leapfrog PUNCH CARD, or you may purchase a multiple month session to receive a DISCOUNT (Available for Purchase ONLY at a Leapfrog Practice.)


Want to SAVE $$$ on Training??

JOIN LEAPFROG PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP and receive your COUPON CODE to SAVE $35!!  Monthly Training Series are ONLY $50 for Premium Members! 



We look forward to seeing YOU soon at Leapfrog Athletics!!

Helping YOU “Leap the Competition!”

Prepare Yourself


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