May: Clam Pass~POWER RUNNING. 4 Week Series




Join Leapfrog Athletics for our 4 week Clam Pass Power Running Series!

What is Clam Pass/Power Running??
This is a 4 work series that works on Full Body Running: Posture, Stride, Core, Arm Position, Breathing and Recovery.

We meet twice a week: Monday 6pm at Venitian Village for our Form and Function Workout. (Starting Monday May 1st)
Thursday 6pm at Clam Pass Park (located off Seagate Drive, beach parking sticker or fee to park)

Monday workouts will target the details: “How To” Breath, Engage Your Core, Use Your Arms, Adjust Your Stride/Pick Up Your Feet, and Recover.

Thursday workouts will be the practice application of these techniques.
Thursday Workouts WILL RUN THROUGH THE WATER AT CLAM PASS. So come prepared with older shoes you won’t mind getting wet.

Why run in the water?? We use the water as an obstacle to emphasize how to use your whole body to run. With the resistance of the water you will learn to engage your arms and abs as well as how to adjust your stride for maximum efficiency. It’s also a fun workout to do, very intense yet accessible to every level runner!!

So we invite you to join us at Clam Pass starting Thursday May 4th at 6pm. We will meet in the parking lot at Clam Pass Park.

Run With Purpose…

Train Smart…


See YOU at Leapfrog Athletics!!

Two ways to sign up: Here on-line, OR Purchase a Punch Card, OR you may just show up at a Leapfrog Practice where we accept Cash, Check or Charge.

Thank You for Choosing Leapfrog Athletics.


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