Triathlon Clinic 2019. Leapfrog Athletics



Join Leapfrog for our 8 week Triathlon Clinic for the Spring & Olympic Distances

Prepare Yourself

8 Week Clinic Starts Saturday, March 30th.

The Details:




At Leapfrog We Coach Techniques both Physical & Mental to help you Achieve More!


Leapfrog welcomes both Beginners and Experienced Triathletes to come learn, practice and workout with us during our 8 week triathlon clinic.

If you are new to Triathlon you’ll gain both knowledge and competence to have a comfortable and successful race experience.

If you are an experienced Triathlete you’ll find Focused Workouts to help sharpen your skills and Prepare Yourself for your next race.

We’re looking forward to working with EACH OF YOU to bring you your best race ever!! It’s our goal to provide safe, knowledgeable, effective coaching to not only answer your questions but to set in place good habits for a lifetime of successful training and racing!!


See YOU at the Leapfrog 2019 Triathlon Clinic!

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