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Thoughts from the Road: Running in 500 Words or Less. Vol. 13

Thoughts from the road.

Running involves COMMITMENT…

Running involves COMMITMENTRunning takes Time.

Put in to much time running and not enough time recovering…the body can fail.

Don’t put in enough time, running sporadically and playing the “weekend warrior” and the body can break.

So where do you draw the line? How do you commit enough and not over-train???

As a Coach I work hard with each athlete to assess their goals and put together the proper balance for each runner. We talk and we plan. We take a look at EVERYTHING…Life, Work, Family, Recreational Activities, Cross Training Opportunities, Sleeping Habits…I even know if they walk a dog!!


It takes time, and we all have a finite amount in each day. What works for one athlete likely won’t work for another. Running is like a relationship…each of us has our own unique history and as our life changes, so do our relationships. Our relationship with our running must change and evolve as our lives and goals change.

Running involves COMMITMENT. Just like a long and loving friendship…there will be good times and tough times, there will be perfect harmonies and sour patches…However, just like a relationship…when we put in the quality time and effort we can build a successful running career as each of us has built successful friendships, partnerships and relationships!!

All we need is COMMITMENT. Stay Focused, Don’t get Discouraged…Remember: Everyone has good runs and tough runs…Winners just persist!! Injuries happen…Winners just Modify and Adjust. Life Changes and so will our Running. Just Stay Committed.

Commit to Running as you would Commit to any friendship/relationship that you would like to last… Just like that friend, Running will be there in good times and bad, you’ll share success and failure, you’ll laugh, cry and celebrate together!!

May You See Running as Your Best Friend…

Thoughts from the road.

Leapfrog Athletics

Matthew A. Reedy

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