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Thoughts from the Road: Running in 500 Words or Less. Vol. 8

Thoughts from the road.  Speed!

“Speed is Relative”

How fast do you RUN?? Does it really matter?? Running is so strange when it comes to “ranking.” A fast marathon pace is not a fast 400 meter pace…Likewise, fast for me and fast for you are likely different. I’m no pro-runner…You may be!!!

The concept of pace training is one that I never really grasped. I’m all for running various paces, but to train at just one pace??? I never got that concept. What distance are you training for? Are you a “One trick pony?”

I like training EFFORTS. I think that some days a Hard Effort Mile may be around 5 minutes…yet I KNOW that a Hard Mile at the end of a marathon is NO WHERE NEAR THAT:) Speed is relative. A fast single mile is nearly impossible at end of 26.2.

Some days the pace comes natural…We’ve all had days that were just ON!! You know…the run that just goes great! The pace is almost effortless!! On the other hand…we’ve all had those days…the days where no matter how hard we try, we just can’t find our legs.

I’m a firm believer in training Efforts because I know that Speed Is Relative and Just Showing Up is often the most valuable training… So, don’t get hung up on the pace thing…try running without the watch! Run “Naked!! (More thoughts on that next time:)

For now…Remember to Enjoy Your Running!! Don’t get caught up in the comparison and ranking game. Always remember that Speed Is Relative.

Thoughts from the road.

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Matthew A. Reedy


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