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Thoughts from the Road: Running in 500 Words or Less. Vol. 10

Thoughts from the road.  Running Home.

Running Home…

I enjoy my steps along the road. Leaving the house and heading into to great unknown of what each run will bring. It’s always amusing to me how I can have one intention for how my run will go and how my body tends to try and dictate another mission.

I am a believer that running is 90% mental. Now don’t get me wrong, I know we still have to put miles in, and we have to spend time minding our activity, however when it comes to down it: it’s Quality over Quantity when it comes to training.

What is a Quality mile?

It’s the mile run with intent. The “Mental Mile” where we go through struggle. It’s the mile where it would be easier to just quit, to slow down, to walk…yet we preserver!! Quality miles, for me at least, are typically NOT THE FAST MILES. For me, the Quality Miles are those where I am struggling. It’s the miles that build Mental Toughness. It is within these miles that Personal Bests are achieved!!

Anyone can run fast without any obstacle…BUT:  can you run fast while in pain? Are you able to continue when your legs want to quit? Can you push back the voices in your head and push a little harder? Can you achieve more???

We never know how any run will go. I do set out on the road with an intent in mind,  a goal for each run; however, it is not until I find myself Running Home that I understand the true value of each step taken.

May you always Run Home with a Smile on your face and Satisfaction for any and all miles accomplished. May you be blessed with tough runs and Quality Achievements!!

We hope you always see the value in the Quality of your miles as you are Running Home.

Thoughts from the road.

Leapfrog Athletics

Matthew A. Reedy

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Thoughts from the Road: Running in 500 Words or Less. Vol. 4

Thoughts from the road.  ONLY?

ONLY… What is this word??

It’s something I consistantly find funny when I hear runners say “I ONLY ran…X number of miles!” What is it about runners that makes us discount distances as if there is always more that can be done?? At what point is it ONLY A MILE, ONLY A 5K, ONLY A 1/2, ONLY A MARATHON???

Is there always something more? I ask this today as I have been doing research on my 2015 GOAL of running the Leadville 100. How much will I need to run? How many times in my training will I be saying ONLY???

I am a firm believer of Quality over Quantity when it comes to miles.  The “Less is More” philosophy is one that I admire.  I practice with purpose and I’m a Form & Fundamentals Coach.  That said, even I occasionally succumb to the “I need more miles” fear when training!

So…after Leadville:  IF I FINISH…will I look for more? What may be next…If I ONLY DO 100???



Success!!  I did Finish the Leadville 100 Trail Run!!  The course was completed in 28 Hours, 34 Minutes.  It was the absute most challenging thing that I have ever attempted and finished!  9 Months of Training… Now, I sit here many months past this accomplishment and can safely say:  100 miles is my Absolute Distance:)  There is no need for “ONLY” anymore…I fully appreciate EVERY MILE:)

What about YOU?? What is your ONLY???

Thoughts from the road.

Leapfrog Athletics

Matthew A. Reedy