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Thoughts from the Road. Vol 17

Running & The Wind…

What’s the weather? As #Runners we like to know what the weather is. How shall we dress? What should plan for our route, will we need a water stop? To sunscreen or not? To wear a hat? All these wardrobe options that really depend on the outside conditions. It’s another layer to running and it can be another excuse NOT to #Run…

“You can tell the size of a man by the size of the obstacle it takes to stop him.”

I like running in the rain! I love the focus I achieve by pushing through wet conditions. The extra effort needed to lift my wet and heavy run shoes, the feeling of the raindrops pelting my skin! I love how all the external conditions force me to focus on my internal mechanics! My stride becomes more powerful as I lift my shoes, my breath becomes sharper as my face feeling the rain washing and massaging my cheeks. The external rain brings me completely internal into my body. It forces more focus.

“May the wind always be at your back?”

Ah yes! The love for a tailwind? I’m not so sure! Yes, a headwind makes running harder, but when your challenged, it forces focus! Truth be told, I love a headwind! Once again, it’s the battle, it’s the external force forcing me to go internal that I love! Finding new discoveries about my own strength in difficult times, this is one of the joys of running! (Plus, I live in Florida…a headwind helps keep me cool, a tailwind can make a run feel particulary hot!)

Anyhow, the takeaway: Run in all types of weather! Be stronger than your obstacle, gain strength of mind and body by not letting the weather be the obstacle that stops you! #RunStrong in all conditions, not just the ideal conditions. Actually, try to train in the worst possible conditions! This way when #RaceDay comes along you’ll have the advantage of not losing any focus because of adverse weather conditions!

As for Running in the Wind, train to LOVE a Headwind! Change your mindset and strengthen your Running!

Love the Wind, Rain, Heat, Cold, Humidity…Love the Uphills! Embrace the Challenges and Always Be Stronger Than Your Obstacle!

Cheers! Run Strong!

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Thoughts from the Road: Running in 500 words or Less. Volume 15.

Thoughts from the Road: Running from Hard to Easy. The agony of the Warm-Up.

Some days getting your shoes on is the easy part. My mind is often more ready to run than my legs! The real work on each run is just getting those first few steps (and sometimes those first two miles!)

As a Run Coach for over 12 years I’ve come to really appreciate and understand all that happens on warm up. It’s a time for the heart to really wake up, the lungs to begin to stretch and the legs get moving. I know shortcuts to bridging the gap from where my legs feel heavy/sluggish to where they are ready to really go! That said, it doesn’t always make those first few steps any easier.

So what’s the most important thing about warming up? It’s the understanding that things will get better! Not always easier as some runs are just tough…but the tough runs lead to better outcomes. The difficult warm ups build strong character. Persistence beats resistance as they say in sales & relationships!

Consistency is Key to all success. Even when it’s not easy, it’s still important. Be deliberate in all your actions, especially your running. It’s good for the body, mind and soul.

I’ll be sharing my tips for shorting your warm up and moving your body from hard to easy running on Twitter & Facebook, give me a follow and like to keep up to speed:) I’m happy to address your thoughts & concerns as well, just leave a comment or send a message.

As always: #RunWithPurpose. #BeDeliberate. #RunStrong. #TrainSmart.

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