Track Practice: Form & Fundamentals

Community School Track

Join Leapfrog Mondays  6a.m.-7a.m. at Community School of Naples for our Form & Fundamentals Run Workout.  All levels welcome at Track Practice as we work on the RUN FUNDAMENTALS:


*Pace Change



*Arm Position


Coach Matt will both teach you and help you to develop STRONG FUNDAMENTALS to make you a Faster, More Efficient Runner!


These workouts are shorter in length and each practice typically covers about 3 miles.  These track practices are broken down into smaller “Units You Can Handle” ensuring that All Levels Experience Success!


We practice functional body weight strength training to teach muscle patterns specifically related to running.  You’ll be encouraged to not only gain Run Fitness, but also general strength.  At Leapfrog our goal is better overall fitness with a specialty in running:)

What People are saying:

“Real change happens outside your comfort zone-tough but awesome sunrise hour with Leapfrog”  Laura Smith


“At the beginning of summer I reached out to him to say I’ve been a slug for the past year but would love to begin training with LeapFrog again but didn’t think I could keep up. He assured me I would be fine and encouraged me to show up. It has only been a few weeks and I already feel so much stronger! It is great to be a part of the Leapfrog Athletics family again. The comradery and encouragement from the group is amazing!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”  Christie Cardinal


“Thank you Matthew Reedy for your training, advice, and always encouraging voice in my head”  Sally Goldman


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Not confident yet?  You may call or text Coach Matt at (239)272-7811 and he will help answer your questions.

You may also schedule a coffee meeting for an initial consultation ($20 fee applies)