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10 Tips to the 10k

Leapfrog Group Training:  March 10k Training/Recovery Breathing Series

10 Tips for the 10k:  Leapfrog Athletics presents our Race Strategy for the 10k distance.  We wish you all the best:  may the road be kind, your pace be swift and the finish line find you fulfilled!!  Here is our Best Advice for your pre-race check:

1.  Arrive EARLY on race day, don’t be late and waste energy stressing about chip pick-up (most races now offer bib timing so most will get their number/chip early at packet pick up)and long bathroom lines.

2. Breathe and take some time to make a plan RUN YOUR RACE!  It’s to late to question training so accept what you’ve done and set your mind for YOUR GOAL!

3. Do a proper warm-up.  I recommend a longer distance warm-up for the 10k distance, this helps you settle in and helps you realize the length of the race…this isn’t a 5k!!  I suggest a 2 mile slow pace warm up.  Prepare your mind and body for a longer distance.

4. Do 2-3 Build Ups within 5 minutes of the start.  Help prepare your legs and heart for that initial pace of the race start

5. Line up in accordance to YOUR GOAL.  If you have been training, you have EARNED a spot at the start line, be considerate, but don’t place yourself in the back either, especially if you have trained for a goal.

6. Go out with EASY EFFORT your first mile, don’t get caught up in the initial race, go out conservative, there will be plenty of time to pass people

7. Don’t get hung up on your mile splits!!  This is HUGE!!  Run your race, don’t let the watch dictate your performance.  To many times we hear our first mile split and freak out!! We either panic because we went out “way to fast” OR we realize we are behind our pace and we try to “sprint” in order to make up for a slow first mile.  Relax…you have 5.2 miles yet!!  Control your breath, relax your mind, run your race.

8. At the turn around…This is the ½ way point, here is where the race begins!!  Racing is PASSING!!  Time to ACHIEVE!! Once we turn around, take a breath, SMILE, and just begin to pass people!!  You don’t have to sprint by people, just change something, close a gap, pass…don’t just run along someone unless you know they share the same goal.  You have trained, you have put the work in, don’t let someone else be responsible for your race.

9. LOOK GOOD!!  Listen to the spectators!!  Make eye contact, smile!  These things will help auto-correct most bad form issues (like posture!)  Spectators will tell you all you need to know about your race…if you hear “looking strong, looking good!!”  they are telling you just that!! If you hear “only ½, ¼ mile to go, you can do it”  they are telling you “wow! You look bad…you look like you’re hurting…hold on, you’ll make it!”   This is just a reminder to relax your body, look up, run tall and smile, IT WILL HELP

10. CELEBRATE YOUR RACE!!!  Congratulations, you’ve just raced what I consider the most difficult distance in racing!! Cheers and I hope to see YOU @ a Leapfrog Event in the near future.

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Thoughts from the Road: Running in 500 Words or Less. Vol. 8

Thoughts from the road.  Speed!

“Speed is Relative”

How fast do you RUN?? Does it really matter?? Running is so strange when it comes to “ranking.” A fast marathon pace is not a fast 400 meter pace…Likewise, fast for me and fast for you are likely different. I’m no pro-runner…You may be!!!

The concept of pace training is one that I never really grasped. I’m all for running various paces, but to train at just one pace??? I never got that concept. What distance are you training for? Are you a “One trick pony?”

I like training EFFORTS. I think that some days a Hard Effort Mile may be around 5 minutes…yet I KNOW that a Hard Mile at the end of a marathon is NO WHERE NEAR THAT:) Speed is relative. A fast single mile is nearly impossible at end of 26.2.

Some days the pace comes natural…We’ve all had days that were just ON!! You know…the run that just goes great! The pace is almost effortless!! On the other hand…we’ve all had those days…the days where no matter how hard we try, we just can’t find our legs.

I’m a firm believer in training Efforts because I know that Speed Is Relative and Just Showing Up is often the most valuable training… So, don’t get hung up on the pace thing…try running without the watch! Run “Naked!! (More thoughts on that next time:)

For now…Remember to Enjoy Your Running!! Don’t get caught up in the comparison and ranking game. Always remember that Speed Is Relative.

Thoughts from the road.

Leapfrog Athletics

Matthew A. Reedy


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Thoughts from the Road: Running in 500 Words or Less. Vol. 6

Thoughts from the road.  Falling Down.

Falling Down…

It happens to all us now and again. Back in my more competitive days I once fell down while jumping a chain fence!! Silly as this sounds, it ended up being quite serious. This particular fall happened 2 weeks before our State Championship Cross Country Meet. To say it was a let down to myself, my teammates and my coach would be an understatement. I had caused injury to myself and let those around me down.

I remember the rehab from that injury…I’ve never pushed myself harder. I felt I had to “make up” for my mistake. Looking back, I can’t say if it was sweat or tears that poured off my body as I did HOURS of Treadmill and StairMaster work. There was no physical pain that could compare with letting down my coach and teammates.

Injuries Hurt the Mind & Body.

Well…I missed the State Meet, my team didn’t win, and I felt a disappointment deep with anger. Being a part of a group or team comes with risks as well as rewards. Although nothing will replace the letdown I gave my team, nothing will ever replace the support and encouragement my team gave me!!

The State Meet came and went, many more miles were logged and our lives continued. A few years back I met up with my former teammates for a run, and believe me, that chain jumping fall came back into conversation!! We shared laughs, we talked of my comeback runs and the harassment my teammates heaped upon me. We relived some Fun Days!! Funny thing is: The State Meet NEVER CAME UP!!

Teammates are Friends, and Falling Down is just part of Running…

That was over 25 years ago and I still remember all that came from Falling Down…

Thoughts from the road.

Leapfrog Athletics

Matthew A. Reedy


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Thoughts from the Road: Running in 500 Words or Less. Vol. 1

Thoughts from the road.  Running in the Rain.

Running in the rain, while often cold to start, warms the body in an ever so cool way! It’s often tough to “brave the elements” and lace up our shoes when the weather is anything but ideal. Too Hot? Too Cold? It’s Windy. It’s Rainy… All these outside forces testing our own RUN INTEGRITY.

I adhere to the training philosophy: Train in the most difficult situations possible: The hottest part of the day, in the worst of weather, in HEAVY SHOES (!! I know…so strange to train in heavy shoes!! it’s so out of fashion:) Train when it’s tough and the race will be easier.

Running in the Rain is so fulfilling to me!   Although more difficult conditions, I nevertheless often run faster times!  The rain energizes my spirit, my stride quickens as my feet dance in and out of the puddles.  My sweat mixes smoothly with the rain and my body warms up nicely without overheating!  It’s quite the showing of “Relaxed Intensity!”

I strongly encourage everyone to get outside in the rain!  Be it walk or run…experience the cleansing and calming nature of “Mother Nature’s Sweat:)”  You’ll thank me for it!!

Thoughts from the road.