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Thoughts from the Road. Vol 16

Running to remember.

Running to remember.  At this point in life, I realize that I run for memory.  Not a specific race or event, but for a feeling that was had in youth…a sense of ignorance so pure that running was nothing short of bliss😊

There were no races…no time or distance goals…just running for movement and to enjoy the energy that poured from my body.  I ran long and fast and without purpose.  I ran to run.  This is now the elusive goal that I chase…to remember that feeling…to take all I know, everywhere I’ve been and all I’ve experienced…to give all that up…to place it on a shelf…to pack it away deep in my mind…to run without the baggage of experience…to run as a child…to run free…to have no memory.

It’s way harder than it sounds.  With each step, even before the run begins, with each breath…the “plan” for the run runs laps around my mind.  Will this run feel good? Will it be fast or slow? How long shall I run?  What pain will my body experience?  How am I breathing?  What route should I take?  Should I track my run?  Will I see anyone I know?  How do I look?  So many distractions from the joy that I seek from the very run I’m about to do.

Running, Resting and Coaching

A good night’s sleep is always mysterious.  It comes randomly, minutes can feel like hours, dreams can seem all to real and world we wake up to, for a moment at least, seems full of hope and promise.  A good run can be the same.

Coaching running, I find my task is giving people the tools needed to become a more deliberate/thoughtful runner.  To give them a process where they can turn any run into a great run.  To get them to move purposefully toward “The Zone.”  Now I’m not talking heart rate zones as this is a training tool that I advise against…but more the zone where running is like a good night’s sleep.  Where the miles just float bye, where the runner and the run become one.  To get the runner to finish more runs with that feeling of hope and promise. 

Process and Success

Success comes in many ways.  Accidental is always the best way as it avoids the pitfalls of process. Process itself can be a boring chore. 

Coaching then is finding a way to achieve success while avoiding the boredom of chores and engraining the habit of process.  Definition and communication of both what IS success as well as the outcomes of each process is where the art of coaching really happens.  It truly isn’t the workouts as much as it is the definition and communication of process.

Words matter.

Running Thoughts

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Thoughts from the Road: Running in 500 words or Less. Volume 15.

Thoughts from the Road: Running from Hard to Easy. The agony of the Warm-Up.

Some days getting your shoes on is the easy part. My mind is often more ready to run than my legs! The real work on each run is just getting those first few steps (and sometimes those first two miles!)

As a Run Coach for over 12 years I’ve come to really appreciate and understand all that happens on warm up. It’s a time for the heart to really wake up, the lungs to begin to stretch and the legs get moving. I know shortcuts to bridging the gap from where my legs feel heavy/sluggish to where they are ready to really go! That said, it doesn’t always make those first few steps any easier.

So what’s the most important thing about warming up? It’s the understanding that things will get better! Not always easier as some runs are just tough…but the tough runs lead to better outcomes. The difficult warm ups build strong character. Persistence beats resistance as they say in sales & relationships!

Consistency is Key to all success. Even when it’s not easy, it’s still important. Be deliberate in all your actions, especially your running. It’s good for the body, mind and soul.

I’ll be sharing my tips for shorting your warm up and moving your body from hard to easy running on Twitter & Facebook, give me a follow and like to keep up to speed:) I’m happy to address your thoughts & concerns as well, just leave a comment or send a message.

As always: #RunWithPurpose. #BeDeliberate. #RunStrong. #TrainSmart.

Follow me here: Twitter: Matthew Reedy @leapfrogathlete Facebook: Leapfrog Athletics

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Naples 1/2 Marathon Racing Guide

Leapfrog Athletics
Naples 1/2 Marathon Racing Guideline
Thank You for choosing Leapfrog Athletics to help you Race the 2022 Naples ½ Marathon on January 16th!! The following is an outline of the strategy we used in training along with suggestions to enhance YOUR performance.

Our Philosophy:
At Leapfrog our training is based on 3 principles:

  1. Perceived Effort:
    Perceived effort is training the mind to trust the body. We learn to listen
    to our bodies and run as our training allows. We are less focused on
    “scientific” methods such as heart rate and pace, we are more focused on
    learning to monitor effort and make adjustments.
  2. Effort vs Pace:
    This is a key training distinction we make at Leapfrog Running. Effort is
    defined as what we are doing from the waist up: It’s how we breath, our
    posture, arm position, shoulder position and how our upper body syncs
    with what our legs are doing. Pace is nothing more than a measurement of how fast our legs move us
    across the track. Pace is Independent from Effort. In other words, a 15
    minute mile pace can sometimes be very easy effort and at other times
    it can be hard effort (think of running 3 miles versus 26…) Any pace can be
    run at any effort.
  3. Negative Splits:
    Negative Splits is the idea that we end our runs/races faster than we begin them. This builds on the importance of WARM-UP for all our runs.
    Negative Splitting a run allows us to warm-up and then build our pace. We continue to practice Active Recovery during our longer runs/races to enable us to continually work towards negative splits.

The 4 Efforts:

Easy Effort=Run however you feel…easy doesn’t mean slow!! Just relax and
run, accept whatever pace the body feels like running.

Med. Effort=Running with a focus of YOUR BREATHING. Practicing an “active
exhale” 2 count inhale and 2 count exhale. Chest rises on the
inhale and shoulders fall down the back on the exhale. You
won’t be able to breath this way for the entire run, but you
want to keep focused on your breath and practicing having it
under control.

Brisk Effort=Running with your upper body engaged. You have your active
breath and you are generating turnover with your arms. You are
practicing running fast/strong. Your breath rate will increase as
you engage more muscles, this is ok! You’re generating speed.

Hard Effort=Exhale Matching Footstrike. You are running fast and feeling
Coordinated!! You will be practicing “active recovery” as you
push yourself on these runs.

EFFORT vs. PACE: Effort is all FORM BASED

Principles Applied to Naples ½ Marathon:

  1. We arrive early on race day, check in, and allow time for a WARM-UP. Even though
    we are running 13.1 miles, we still want to do a warm-up. It is what we have practiced so we will continue it on race day. Minimum ½ mile, up to 1 mile. Please warm up approx. 20 minutes prior to the start.
  2. Our strategy involves running the first 3 miles at EASY EFFORT. This means keeping the upper body totally relaxed. Just enjoy the RUN, it isn’t time to “race” yet. Keep in mind though…an easy effort doesn’t mean slow. It just means relaxed. Trust me, you’ll go faster than you think and as long as the perceived effort is easy you’ll be in great shape for the rest of your race.
  3. At mile 3 of the race course we take a deep breath and we mentally begin our race. It is here, at the 3 mile mark that we begin to pass people (RACING IS PASSING.) We shift to a medium effort taking larger/deeper breaths as we begin a small pace increase.
  4. We continue our medium effort onto Kingstown and out towards mile 5. As we come into the loop at mile 6 we TAKE INVENTORY—That is, we evaluate how we feel: How’s our breath, are our shoulders relaxed and down, how is our arm position, how is our foot strike. We should listen to what our bodies are telling us and make adjustments as needed. If something is off, we take action to correct it (our breath is shallow or fast, our shoulders are tight, our arms are crossing our body, our wrists are below our elbows, our foot strike sounds loud…) If everything looks/sounds good then we continue to actively pass back towards mile 7.
  5. We continue to run/race out to the U-turn on Kingstown and head into Lantern Lane. As we go towards Gallieon we are both physically and mentally preparing ourselves for the RACE on Gallieon. This is where the race really begins!! We will be working both a HARD EFFORT AND PACE for miles 8-10. This is mental. Remember, racing is passing!! Most runners will “hit the wall” on Gallieon…don’t allow someone else to control YOUR RACE…you’ve trained!! You can do this!!
  6. As we come back across Lantern Lane from Gallieon we are looking to Take Inventory and relax…we want to maximize efficiency at this point. WE ONLY HAVE A 5K TO GO!!
  7. Pace coming across Lantern Lane doesn’t matter…EFFORT MATTERS!! Don’t lose it mentally, SMILE You’ve made the most difficult part of the race, the rest is just playful running. Remember your fundamentals and form, control your breath, keep your thoughts positive and remember: Units you can handle…
  8. As you are coming back down Kingstown and preparing to make the right on Gordon Drive pick a number!! This is the number of runners that you will pass as you head towards the finish line. Be ambitious!! THIS WILL HELP. I had a runner a few years ago pass 218 runners on these final miles!! Remember, we are shortening the distance in your mind to smaller units…the distance between you and each runner ahead of you. Keep count and continue to pass. Use the Indian Run strategies that we have practiced.
  9. Another tip to help you: Look at the street numbers counting the blocks back to 8th Ave. South. The first one you will see is 20th, at this point you know you only have 13 blocks to go!! Once again breaking the course down into units you can handle.
  10. As we make the turn up 8th Ave. South we need to remember that this is slightly uphill and that the race still has ½ a mile!! Nothing to panic about, just need to plan for it. When we make the turn we want to turn our thumbs up and use our upper body arm movement to help us overcome this obstacle. We also want to find that hard effort of exhale matching footstrike. This will help keep us from over-striding and should also keep our legs from any potential cramping. Once again we can also use the block strategy!! Since we turned onto 8th from second and we know the race finishes on 8th…we know we have 6 blocks before the final turn!! We can therefore break 8th Ave. South down into 6 smaller units!! Another great tip!!
  11. Lastly…as we make the final turn towards the finish line…keep efficient!! Strong Breathing, Strong Running…TAKE A GOOD PICTURE!! Look up and CELEBRATE!!
  12. CONGRATULATIONS!! You Did It!! Time to celebrate and enjoy!!

Thank You again for all your support and I look forward to seeing everyone post race:)

Not involved in Leapfrog yet??? We welcome all runners regardless of age, pace or experience. Please contact me via email or phone call. We offer 3 coached workouts each week: Monday and Wednesday 6a.m. on the track at Community School. Friday 6a.m. workouts change location as we prepare for specific races/obstacles (Like our February Hill Series.)


Leapfrog Athletics: Coach Matt Reedy

(239) 272-7811
Facebook: Leapfrog Athletics.


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Leapfrog News: 11/29 Thru 12/5/2020


This Week @Leapfrog 

  1.  Track Workout Monday 6-7a.m.  Back 2 Breathing.  Belly Breathing Workout
  2.  Track Workout Wedneday 6-7a.m. Floating 400’s.  Active Recovery & Pace Work.
  3. “On The Course” Training.  6-7a.m.  Meet Behind Tommy Bahama.  Miles 5-8 of the course.  Declining Ladder:  1 Mile, 2 by 1/2 Mile, 4 by 1/4 Mile.

          ***Track Practices are held at The Community School of Naples.  Check your text messages for the Gate Code or contact me directly at 239-272-7811  
***Friday Workout Meets in the parking lot behind Tommy Bahamas 

off third street in Olde Naples.



All Who Ran on Thanksgiving Morning!
It’s a Lifestyle Thing:)
“Run all the miles, Eat all the food.


Looking forward to everyone continuing their Dedication and Progress!!
Faster and Stronger!!

Naples News 1/2 Marathon Training



Free to Use and Share!! This is Public Link so you may share the workouts with friends.
I strongly encourage your friends to JOIN LEAPFROG so that they gain 
all the benefits of Group Training PLUS Coaching
and Workouts ON THE TRACK:)



Each week Leapfrog hosts a Monday Track Practice that focuses ENTIRELY on RUN FORM. 

Wednesday We Work on SPEED.

Friday’s this month are all about THE NAPLES NEWS 1/2 MARATHON.  

At Leapfrog we believe in increased efficiency and RUNNING STRONG.  Our goal is to coach runners not just to faster times and further distances, but also to build strong overall athletes with an emphasis on Form & Fundamentals. 

We look to keep you moving Further, Faster and Injury Free for a long and enjoyable running/fitness lifestyle.



PLAN AHEAD.  BE DISCIPLINED.  SHOW UP.  Leapfrog offers 3 practices each week…Your Results Will Be In Proportion to Your Practice.

I look forward to seeing everyone at a Leapfrog Event this week!  In addition to the paid training listed above we also offer a weekly free Bike Ride:  Tuesday 6:30a.m. Bike Skills Ride followed by coffee.   Details can be found on the website under the events tab:)


To all who came out for our
Traditional Thanksgiving

“Gobble Gobble” Run w/Mimosas!!

It’s was a GOOD TIME!!!

Happy…Healthy & Fit


Scheduled for Wednesday, January 6th, 2021

Have Friends who would enjoy Leapfrog?  
Running, Biking, Social Events!!

Invite them to JOIN:)
We always welcome New Members and it’s more fun being active w/friends:)

Have Great Things to Say about Leapfrog??  We always appreciate your feedback!

Testimonials and referrals are what attract New Runners and help build the group!!  Leapfrog wouldn’t exist without you!! 

Thank You for making Leapfrog Fun, Kind, Supportive, Friendly and Inspiring.

HAVE A QUESTION or A THOUGHT?  Please share it!  I’m happy to share my thoughts on any training, racing, or life issue:) 
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BACK: Live from The Track! 8/5/2020



There was A LOT of Sweat at this mornings Track Practice! We did a Ladder Style Workout consisting of: 600-400-400-200-200-200-200-400-400-600. WHEW! It was hard and fast! In addition to the physical workout, I have to say that the mental strength displayed was AWESOME! The group kept their focus, stayed disciplined and RAN STRONG!

Leapfrog: More than Running!


3 Run Workouts/Week PLUS: Biking, Swimming and Daily Fitness Calendar.

Monday Form & Fundamentals

Tuesday Skills Ride/Coffee/Social

Wednesday Traditional Speedwork

Friday Run Workout

Friday Swim/Social