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Thoughts from the Road: Running in 500 Words or Less. Vol. 1

Thoughts from the road.  Running in the Rain.

Running in the rain, while often cold to start, warms the body in an ever so cool way! It’s often tough to “brave the elements” and lace up our shoes when the weather is anything but ideal. Too Hot? Too Cold? It’s Windy. It’s Rainy… All these outside forces testing our own RUN INTEGRITY.

I adhere to the training philosophy: Train in the most difficult situations possible: The hottest part of the day, in the worst of weather, in HEAVY SHOES (!! I know…so strange to train in heavy shoes!! it’s so out of fashion:) Train when it’s tough and the race will be easier.

Running in the Rain is so fulfilling to me!   Although more difficult conditions, I nevertheless often run faster times!  The rain energizes my spirit, my stride quickens as my feet dance in and out of the puddles.  My sweat mixes smoothly with the rain and my body warms up nicely without overheating!  It’s quite the showing of “Relaxed Intensity!”

I strongly encourage everyone to get outside in the rain!  Be it walk or run…experience the cleansing and calming nature of “Mother Nature’s Sweat:)”  You’ll thank me for it!!

Thoughts from the road.