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Thoughts from the Road: Running in 500 Words or Less. Vol. 11

Thoughts from the road.  Why I run?

My “Running Refresher.”

Recently I set out on a early morning Long Run. It was Florida Cold at 48 degrees and it was hours before sun up. I was questioning my own sanity as I put my hat and gloves on for what I planned to do.

Sometimes as runners we have to question “WHY?”

I have no marathon on the horizon, nothing to prove, not a soul to impress and I even like to think that I’m inwardly satisfied with my level of fitness. Why then? Why, on this recent Saturday morning was I up before dawn, staring down a Long Straight Road with plans of hitting double digit mileage before 7am??

It’s been 48 hours since that run and I still can’t answer WHY…

How do I feel?? Absolutely Fantastic!!

And that’s just it…there is no real reason why I got up to run, no part of any plan or training model… Just a faith and understanding that THIS FEELING would come…and THIS FEELING will last!! This Sense of Accomplishment in something that for all intents and purposes made no sense at all!!! I had no reason to be up before 4am, no reason to run the miles… No Reason At All!! Just a faith and understanding that I needed to…I needed a Running Refresher.

I don’t know WHY YOU RUN…Or what YOUR GOALS ARE…what YOUR PLAN calls for…

I DO KNOW that I HOPE you find YOUR FAITH and YOUR UNDERSTANDING on YOUR RUNS!! Be it early morning long runs, afternoon short runs, evening easy runs or weekend race days!! May You enjoy the Refreshment that Running Allows.

Thoughts from the road.

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Matthew A. Reedy

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