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Thoughts from the Road: Running in 500 Words or Less. Vol. 7

Running Thoughts…from the road.

“Some days you’re the Dog; Some days you’re the Hydrant!”

What is running?? Quite simply: it’s left foot, right foot…repeat! Again and again, over and over, step after step and mile after mile. Sometimes our feet fall easily, one in front of the other; other times it’s everything we have to pick up one foot without scuffing the ground & tripping over ourselves. Running can be tough…

Why is such a simple task so varied in the effort it takes to complete?

As a Coach, I specialize in giving athletes strategies for a more efficient and less painful way to run. I talk of breathingposturefoot-strikearm-positionstride length ect… Yet with all the mechanical knowledge in the world, there are some days that the run just isn’t there. What to do then??

After years of training and coaching over 1,000 athletes I’ve come to the conclusion that although tough runs suck; the value IS THERE in just showing up!! Sure: sometimes a bad run puts us in a bad mood, makes us question our training & fitness; however these thoughts fade rapidly and the STRENGTH we gain from JUST RUNNING will last for many miles past our finish.

So: while you may not always be the Top Dog, you can rest assured that although some runs you may feel like the hydrant, you’ll always be a Lead Dog if you just show up and RUN.

Running Thoughts…from the road.

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Matthew A. Reedy


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