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Thoughts from the Road: Running in 500 Words or Less. Vol. 9

Thoughts from the Road.

The Long Straight Road.

I happen to be a fan of running long straight roads. I enjoy staring off into the distance and seeing the endless asphalt in front of me. To some this may seem unbearable, I know many runners who dread the long straight road. As for me though, it represents the potential for Achievement, the feeling of Freedom and that ever elusive Runners High.

How Far Can I Go??? That question pops in every runners mind once in a while. We are solemn creatures who brave heat, sun, wind, rain and snow just to find some fading feeling.

WHY the Long Straight Road?

Who knows! It’s not like there is a prize or a medal at the end…Only Satisfaction that I ACHIEVED the distance!! It’s a tangible look into that elusive “Runners High.” A “runners high” that is so intense we barely remember the pain it took to achieve it and after it fades we are left quietly knowing that we will make a way to achieve it again. Running really is an addiction!

I believe in the freedom that long straight roads provide. No need to guess distances, no need to over think direction, wind or surface…just freedom and ACCEPTANCE that I will eventually find the end. It’s the chase to the end that I enjoy!!

Even at the end of the long road…after the achievement is made, the High is gone and freedom has passed… it is no sooner that I complete it than I go back out and seek it again. Searching for a longer road, a greater high, a deeper sense of freedom and peace.

This is why I love the Long Straight Road. I hope you too will find enjoyment on your run journey, I wish you all the peace and freedom of your Long Straight Road.

Thoughts from the road.

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Matthew A. Reedy

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