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Thoughts from The Road: Running Un-Inspired.

When the mind struggles, the body follows.

A sluggish start.

Those first steps…UGH. Ever have the running slump when your legs feel like concrete? Your mind knows what to do yet struggles to lead your body into action? I’m currently in that phase and it’s not fun.

The importance of habit.

Being a running coach I’m blessed that I am surrounded by motivated people. In addition to working with clients 1 on 1, I host 3 group workouts each week. It’s these workouts that I can rely on to keep me going physically when the mind has no drive. I have to practice what I coach! We all cultivate a life of habits, though our families, our jobs, and our friends. These habits will have consequences! The habit of my job keeps me moving forward even in my slumps.

The reward of just showing up.

I’ve said it often and it’s still not overstated: Consistency is Key! Despite feeling in a running slump, I still show up. I show up for the practices I coach, for the runners who rely on my knowledge, guidance and motivation. I show up to my family walks, to my scheduled gym times. I don’t sleep in. Inevitably, once I get moving things get better! Crazy thing is, although I know this to be true, I still have to battle the urge to give in…I still have to overcome the mental obstacle telling me it’s to hard and I should just skip it, just rest. Being disciplined in the habit is by the hardest thing!

The takeaway.

Being fit isn’t easy. Being happy isn’t always easy. Being motivated isn’t always easy…We must be deliberate in building our fitness, our happiness and keeping ourselves motivated. Who we surround ourselves with matters, as does what we read, watch and listen to. Living an inspired life has to be purposeful, deliberate actions must be taken, even when we don’t want to. So yes, at this moment my running my feel un-inspired, but I do it anyhow. I give thanks to those around me who support and motivate me, even unknowingly! Be a leader, display your fitness, your happiness, your motivation…you never know who may need to see it:)


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