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Thoughts from The Road: The Road to Italy.

Oh the places we will go! While covering miles on the roads and trails, running has recently taken me across the sea! From small town Ohio, across the U.S.A. over to Germany and now Italy, running has gifted me many great travel adventures.

So how did I get to Italy? While sitting in a spa 2,500 feet up in the Tuscan mountains at 11p.m. I was reminded by a good friend and client of how this trip came to be. Rewind life 9 years and enter a little 5 mile race in South Florida. The Marco Island 5 Mile Hill Run.

You see, it was this race that introduced me to a client and friend who has changed my life and brought me to Italy. The story goes like this: during the race this guy was trying to pass a female runner who was a current client of mine. He chased her up the hills and passed her however she kept catching him and passing him back on the flats! They began to chat and the competition heated up! Finally she said to him “I can’t let you beat me because my coach would kill me!” She beat him. After the race he asked her who coached her and that was how the connection was made.

Over the years since I’ve coached him through many races: marathons, ultra marathons, triathlons, long bike events…we’ve accomplished a lot over the course of years. As in any coach/client relationship a friendship was formed.

Fast forward to last week. He has experienced a lot of success in his life, not only in athletics, but in business and personal. He was going to renew his marriage vows, 30 years with his lovely wife, in Italy! He asked if I could join with my family.

Who knew that from that one race, that little competition, that referral from a female client, would lead to not only a strong and valuable friendship, but also to a trip to Italy?

Fun facts from that trip: of the guests invited, almost 1/2 of them are also running clients of mine who have all met through various trainings and athletic events. The gentleman renewing his vows is still achieving running goals (you know…the get in shape before your wedding goals:) And while in Tuscany I was able to get some serious uphill running in. Funny as I think about it, a ”Hill Run” in South Florida…to running up the Tuscan mountains! Oh the places we can go! It all starts with that first step…


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  1. Matt – you’ve always brought a sense of community to all that you do. You are the glue that binds our leapfrog community together. Thankful for your coaching and running knowledge but more so for the friendship.

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