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Commitment & Discipline

“It’s easy to be Committed…until the alarm goes off”

“As we go through life, enthusiasm gets replaced with Discipline”

“You’re stronger than you think you are, you can do more than you think you can!”

Food for thought:

  • Keep it SIMPLE…
  • Think Quality over Quantity
  • Be Accountable to a Coach, Friend or Group

Leapfrog is more than just physical workouts. We work on the Mental & Emotional parts of training as well. Goals are easy to say…It’s a whole different thing to Commit and Achieve. Being an Athlete and a Successful/Happy person involves Discipline. Leapfrog aims to help keep people committed and disciplined by providing a group and coach that can keep pushing you while also supporting you in your journey. Good workouts and struggles… We are here!


Want to know more? JOIN LEAPFROG! Stay Informed, Train Smart, Be Healthy.

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